Share the gift

We need supporters around the world to help people make connections to the Beloved ﷺ.

Print out a poster to put up in mosques & Islamic schools.

Print out fliers to hand out at events/to your friends (put some in envelopes + mail to those you love)

Host a letter-writing gathering, in your home, a cafe, or mosque. Check out the workshop we did in 2015 – a truly beautiful experience!

Speak to your local Islamic school (full-time or weekend) + ask teachers & principal to engage the school in this project – we even have a full set of lesson plans !

Announce the project at the mosque – just ask for a few moments at the mic.

Ask friends/leaders to support via social media.

Let’s make this kind of love viral!

Download the poster: version 1  version 2  version 3

Download the flier here and print your own double-sided copies.

Leave a pile at every masjid, bring a bunch to your local Islamic school for the teachers to hand out, and share with your friends and family.

We also have the poster available in ARABIC, FRENCH, and GERMAN.
Download the flier in Arabic, French, or German.