Welcome to Letters to the Beloved ﷺ 2017 Edition!

Why write to Prophet Muhammadﷺ?
One simple reason. To open your heart to him ﷺ. When you write to someone who is dear to you, all kinds of amazing things happen. We want you to have this experience with the Prophet of God ﷺ. 

Those who have tried it have experienced a new level of connection to the Prophet ﷺ, and there is no sweetness that can compare to this.

Writing to the Beloved ﷺ is more than a competition – it is an exercise in faith, consciousness, reflection, and love. It is a massage for the aching heart. We invite you to not only write to the Beloved , but to encourage and invite as many people as you can to write as well. Be part of a flowering of love in as many hearts as you dare!