From Maryam



Dear Messenger of God,

Assalaatu wassalaamu alayka ya Sayyidi ya Rasul Allah …

I know you are reading this, hearing this, I know that this is a direct connection to you.

I wrote to you last year, and I know that you read it, you heard it, that it was a direct connection to you. I was reaching out, but I was so frustrated at feeling disconnected, and all of the circumstances that had led to that moment of feeling disconnected…

I still feel disconnected, but I won’t let disconnection take over this time (I know it is just an illusion, it is from of the state of my heart. Please, if you can help me with this…)

I can tell you that I still don’t know very much about you, in the meaning of – stories about you, your story, what it might mean if someone were to ask me what I know about you. I still have very, very little. For a while that brought me a sense of shame, and I thought that was the reason that I couldn’t connect.

Until someone was sent into my life who carries that light in a way that is blinding, brighter than anyone I have ever seen.

Here are just a few of the things that I have learned from this very special person, that were turning points in my relationship with you:

  • There are people, including illiterate women, who also couldn’t tell others much about you, but their essence, their very being exudes what it means to follow you. Salawat is transformative in that way. You are here for everyone, and there are ways for everyone to connect to you.
  • Salawat is the wing of mercy because we don’t know of anything else that we do that is going to be accepted. It is a means of ascension in every state and every moment. It is something to hold onto with everything we have.
  • Love for you is the beating heart of this Ummah. That is why we were given the capacity for love, that is the only reason – so that we may love you and love God, and nothing else. There are ways to grow in this love (they are showing me)
  • Everything that we have of guidance, everything that we are learning about this religion, is coming from you – you are the source, the wellspring of all of that goodness, and that suffices as a basis for gratitude and joy
  • Everything that we see in this world that is good – everything – is flowing from your light. I can learn about you from the goodness that I see all around, and know that that is what you were like, but to an infinite degree…

Most of these huge turning points have happened within the past year … I believe wholeheartedly that there is only going to be more. Perhaps this is one of them.



From Anonymous

Assalaamu alaika wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh ya Rasul Allah,

You. Are. Beautiful.  Your every dream, speech, and act is like an elixir. One that can bring me back to my Adamic potential. They’re deep fixers of my messed up internal states, that drift on their wayward ways away from you, and away from the real me, too. #metoo. But my #metoo moments are self-inflicted, when I delve in wicked lusts for power and control over MY wants and MY goals, over MY life and MY roles… over MY soul.

I am aching.

This path I’ve been taking and petty battles I’ve been waging, engaging myself in preoccupations that have slipping from stations of loving you… of loving you.

I’ve been avoiding this moment, I’m sorry. I’ve travelled so little and so far, see, I need to simplify this. So help me God, I ever settle on this lie of being fine just getting by, without you. So help me God, if ever dare spend another second without caring that my soul beckons out for you.

So… help me, God.

Let me make a mad dash to grab the cup and drink down the elixir, to sink down in this mixer of love of you. Let me switch out my addictions for the only thing that I can’t get enough of – you.

Loving you is my cure to the apparent and obscure diseases that plague me. Loving you is the ransom for my soul I have hamstrung, so save me. Loving you liberates me, to rise above bitter hate that contains me.

Ya RasulAllah, forgive me for my unrefined and scattered thoughts. I know you won’t rebuff me, rather you would love me, regardless. You are there calling me back, even when I’m at my farthest. You are praying for me, when my heart is at its most heartless. You are the beacon of light, when I’m searching for darkness.

You’ve never stopped loving me.

Thank you

From Nour

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم


Dearest Sayyidina w habibina w shafii’ina Muhammad,

2017 was a special year for me. And when I reflect back on it, it really doesn’t take long to pinpoint some of the reasons why. The top reason I come to is that it was the most filled and fulfilling year I’ve had – most filled with you and our ever-loving Lord, He who gifted humanity with the greatest gift, the greatest rahma that the world has ever known. And it’s not that your presence or Allah’s presence was greater in 2017 than in previous years. It was that I was more present in the relationships than in any other year. And subhanAllah what a difference that presence made. What a connection it developed. A connection that activated my mind and my voice and my heart.

I want to tell you about a day where this connection was manifested and this relationship elevated to another level. Hundreds of voices had come together, celebrating your birth celebrating the blessing of your presence and your life. And the voices rang out for many songs, but one in particular brought tears down my cheeks even without me understanding the words… it just moved something in me. I remember feeling like I was floating and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I am Muslim and Allah guided me, when it could have been different. That He allowed me to know you and love you and yearn to see the qamar we sing about every week and be in your company, then, now and always. This song. When I reflected on how it just took me to another world, I realized one of the things that hit me strongly. The chorus included the words “sallim ‘ala Taha”, and of course, I am used to saying salawat when your blessed name is discussed but this simple line was different… this everyday expression that I’ve used hundreds of times to request my salams be passed to someone I knew. Someone I had met. Someone ALIVE. It just smacked me right in face. Or cut right to my heart is more accurate. Because it made you sound ALIVE. It made you real, in the present, more than anything had before. and in that moment, within those first few seconds of the beautiful voices singing, it was like tectonic plates shifted in the foundations of our relationship and the tears just started flowing. How appropriate that I later found out that the title of this beautiful nasheed was Dam’ee Mahtal: “my tears are pouring”, subhanAllah.  The nasheed sings about a burning love for you, and an inability to wait – to have sabr – for this hadra, this gathering of beauty, with you. It also advises seekers of Allah that closeness to Him is found through you. “Khudh al sabeel, ya mureed alqurbee”… Ya Allah, what a pleasure it is to achieve this closeness through such a beautiful path, like having our end destination on this journey that is life be reached by walking through the most lush and awe-inspiring gardens and eating the most delicious fruit. What a blessing. To have you. To know you. To truly know you. And I haven’t reached this station of knowledge yet. But now it’s 2018 and alhamdulillah I am on that path. But I am no longer walking. I’m running. Toward you.



From Rami

(Broken Treasures of the East!💔)

Oh Beloved, Muhammad Salla Llahu Allahu Alaihee Wa Salam

I stand holding in heart weight for I reach to an open doorway of you’re heart! I see roses of red, sweet smell of musk never to leave a believers heart. You’re heart is a doorway! A door of unimaginable beauty opening, symbolizing the door of Jannah, a place Never to be apart! You’re smile is the most blessed part. For I treasure it deep! I write in pain that never leaves my heart, for I can’t let go of truth! Who will make it to Jannah? And who will not? But I see your tears fall, hands held high asking the Great Merciful King to forgive The Ummah for we always fall short, especially in uniting and doing enough good since the beginning of time! For we have failed as the time glass with the sands nears its end! Judgement day comes! For we are asked what have we done in all? Even for our brothers and sisters in Palestine!? I fall angered how we failed to reach out and help these poor souls, lands lost symbolizing their hearts! Given away easily to the oppressors, beaten and tortured reminding me especially what you endured greatly more keeping hope from a loving Lord never letting go. Now we have Islam, a precious treasure if we only see! Those of Palestine are loved in my heart, please guide our Ummah from asking Allah aza wa jals love that we take a stand before the charcoal gets too hot. Please pray our hearts falls United and forgive our short comings Muhammad Salla Allahu Alaihee Wa Salam Please forgive our short comings Allah Aza Wa Jal Sometimes the saddest truth is that we never Tried!!!

Rami D.🕊 ❤️

Oh to the One!🌺 Oh to the one we call The Beloved, for you are the most loved to the Great & Only King!!! Oh to the one who lets the heavens shine brighter, they ever more wish you return or near! Oh to the one who speaks to highest of Angels, for they all open their wings and sing! Oh to the one who lets shooting stars rain, as if all the heavens are in tears for you! Oh to the one who resembles the majestic shining moon, it’s sweet light links us to you relaxing all hearts! Oh to the one who moves desert sands and brings soft breezes, for they dance with passion and joy! Oh to the one who reads so sweetly, you make trees, all nature weep asking again to hear your voice! Oh to the one who moves oceans, for your heart speaks in more deepness reading the Holy Quran! Oh to the one who smiles in beauty like no other, for one smile is Jannah itself! Oh to the one who is most compassionate, it breaks any stone hearted soul down in tears! Oh to the one with the most blessed touch, for the biggest rivers flow eternally from your sweet hands. Oh to the one who Truly Loves, for all hearts in the world combined cannot reach! Oh to the one who is most humble, for no feet stood in pain long nights praising His Great Majesty! Oh to the one who speaks, sees all truth, being the all truth, for our souls are like birds in cages, you set us free! Oh to the one who carries the most beautiful friendship, for your friendship bonds everything in existence being heavenly everlasting! Oh to the one who took deepest pains of love completing the hardest path, for now we all stand as blessed Muslims here! Oh to the one called Muhammad Salla Allahu Alaihee Wa Salam, thank you!!! please keep staying near! Our hearts longs we meet, finally in Firdous we cry in happiness, smiles and cheers! For I’m finally with the most Beloved & my truest family! For he is family to All and always been near! Amin!!! Rami D.🕊

Dear Beloved 💔

Im losing hope! I’m losing hope in humanity. I’m losing hope with my brothers & sisters. I’m losing hope in my Sheikh. I’m losing hope with men of God. I’m losing hope with my family. I’m losing hope in anything called happiness and love. I’m losing hope in anything called marriege and friendship. I’m losing hope in all relationships because where ever I turn, hearts are either broken, lost, diseased, blind, disunited..etc For there isn’t almost a single being who hadn’t broken me. It’s like we are falling in many obstacles that breaks bonds. Sincerity, love and kindness is your way my Beloved. So I treasure it for the sake of God and for you Muhammad Salla Llahu Alaihee Wa Salam. I lost hope to keep kindness for myself. I feel alone keeping what you love dearly in everyone for you see beauty in every soul & hearts down here! You suffered for us beyond words. The path I walk, a curse it feels or just Qadr what I’m facing. For my happiness for my self isn’t there and either way cannot work seeing others fall or fail or hurt & to see happiness in others seems to fall apart in this time and age. We are not meant to be truly happy in the Dunya, but it fell to a degree one feels he cannot breath life. I’m praying God does not break my heart & I have my reasons to say this! Neither ego, nor negativity but I lived and was blessed Truth! To taste sweet, bitter truth before anything happens. You can call it a gift, I call it Truth! I also fell into sadness realizing also the truth is we lost a lot, the organic soul. We lost what was precious in those who lived before us who brought fourth great Beauty back to Allah aza wa jal For Muslims before us made you smile more. If I didn’t hear your name my Beloved listening to my Sheikh speaking of you in class and learned more about you and about our most kind Merciful Lord, Allah aza wa jal, my heart would harden and life would die further in my eyes. My heart is thirsty and struggling in life to keep drinking beauty, the only true beauty left! If only humanity knew who God is!!! If only they knew who you were my Beloved!!! Who are those who God loved were! We would see true beauty and follow it then the zest of this world. I ask my Beloved, please tell me how to be happy if I see you in tears? And please don’t break my heart! Please Pray for those I love and the Ummah to wake up and truly love each other and follow all you taught us before, before, the end of tides! May we all drink from your loving sweet hands.

With Love ❤️ …..

From Stephane

On the eve o’ bright morning, lovers do not rest

They are joyfully singing praises to Lord’s best!

The lovers they’re longing for a glimpse of the moon

When the sky is cloudy, they yearn to see him soon

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make him our holy compass, our guide in the night

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make us his companions, our guide to the light

Let me tell you an ancient tale of the old

Of the Best of Creation, the greatest ev’r told

Of a man that came to show us the Way

His name’s Muhammad, lover of Adonai

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make him our holy compass our guide in the night

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make us his companions our guide to the light

His birth was a sign of our Lord’s holy presence

Idols were shattered in Persia, Byzantine

And his noble mother knew right away

That God had delivered his Prophet today!

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make him our holy compass our guide in the night

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make us his companions our guide to the light

And as a young child, it all became clear

When his wet-nurse Halima’s good fortune appeared

And then the Angels came down to see

To cleanse our Dear Prophet’s heart of Prophecy

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make him our holy compass our guide in the night

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make us his companions our guide to the light

And as he came of age, his reputation grew

And our Lady Khadija wed the Prophet-true

Then in that blessed cave thus spake Gabriel,  “call thy good people to the gospel.”

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make him our holy compass our guide in the night

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make us his companions our guide to the light

The first ones to believe were oft persecuted

But their faith stood firm with their Beloved

And off to Yathrib the believers now headed

Not out of fear but to answer the call!

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make him our holy compass our guide in the night

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make us his companions our guide to the light

Battles were fought to teach them a lesson

That the greatest of struggles is always within them

And once they were ready, the Meccan gates opened

The companions rejoiced with their Beloved

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make him our holy compass our guide in the night

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make us his companions our guide to the light

And the lovers they know that the depth of the night

Is the closest of time to the clear morning light

Let us pray that one day we’ll meet our Beloved

With his family, his friends and righteous companions

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make him our holy compass our guide in the night

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make us his companions our guide to the light

Make us amongst our mothers and fathers

So that we may truly be sisters and brothers

O my Lord bless this holy gathering

And increase our strength so that we may sing

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make him our holy compass our guide in the night

O my Lord send your peace upon thy Beloved

Make us his companions our guide to the light

From Nada

BismIllah arRahman arRaheem

Wassalat wassalam ‘ala ashraf al mursaleen, Sayyidina Muhammad, wa’ala aalihi wasahbihi ajma’een.

Ya Rasul Allah,

Why am I so lonely and so angry?

Why am I dissatisfied and looking for someone to blame?

Why do I worry and resist?

Why do I feel stuck and like I’m on autopilot?

Why is it so hard to stay silent and not hurt others?

Why is it so hard to be consistent? To act and not react?

Where is my sense of urgency? What am I waiting for?

Is my heart dead?

Oh Mother….love me. Take away my pain.

Oh Father….raise me. Rid me of these bad habits.

Oh Teacher…find me, guide me.

Oh Doctor….heal me from these diseases.

Oh Friend….take my hand. Stay with me.

Ya Rasul Allah…I need you.

From Maisarah

BismiLlah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim,

Dear Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you eternally.

I have been a Muslim my whole life. Alhamdulillah. Believing in God and you as His Prophet is at the essence of our faith.

And yet. I never knew you. You were not a part of my life. I uttered words of belief, but they were hollow. I did not love you.

In one of the halaqas, a question was posed. “What was the turning point in your relationship with the Prophet (saws)?”

I did not have an answer. Did I have a relationship with you? I was not sure.

There was an aching. A longing to understand. What would that look like, to have a relationship with you, the best of creation? I yearned to know.

And in Rabiulawwal of this year, God sent me people. People who love you. Attending mawlids from across the globe, the love in their hearts reached mine.

As I stood in front of my computer screen, singing and praying and crying, I realised.

This was my turning point. This was the beginning of my relationship with you. Never before had I experienced such joy.

O the joy! How can after knowing you, can we feel anything but joy? You are the light. You are the sun. Radiating it’s rays of warmness into our cold and needy hearts.

And in addition to the mawlids, I experienced salawat. One of my teachers prescribed a certain amount to be read during the month of Rabiulawwal. It seemed impossible to me, and I almost dismissed the idea entirely. But out of love and respect to her, I tried.

It was actually painful in the beginning. It didn’t come easily. But with every salawat I recited, it was as if I could feel a layer of rust being peeled off this hardened heart of mine. I persevered. And after some time, I felt it. Peace.

O the peace! Such peace, that gave me such conviction. Whatever trials this world may bring, there is solace in remembering God and remembering you!

I am only beginning to get to know you. But now I know that I love you. And I know that your love for me is infinitely more than I could ever imagine.

I cannot imagine my life before knowing you. Before loving you. How did I get up each morning? How did I feel any happiness?

Every day I thank God for you. The bringer of joy and peace, to our hearts much in need.

From Fadil

Letter to the beloved

Carbon Paper

Picture (Fadil Mujku).jpeg

This is a worldly expression like the third page copy on carbon paper

Ya Rasululllah I am writing this letter on this tablet called heart with the pen of love and ink which never dries, your pen by which you taught me, you took me from coldness to warmth, from darkness to light, from anger and bitterness to love and mercy, when your name is mentioned I get a rush of energy in my chest and when I think of you I think Pure, Selflessness with no worldly attachments.

I love you more than 26 letters can express that is why

This is a worldly expression like the third page copy on carbon paper

I long to meet you in the next realm,

to be together with you by your side, you said that those who believe in you without seeing you are your brothers, I believe in you like the trees are green and the sky is blue and the rain is wet and the sand is dry that surely with full certianty you are the truthful and the best of creation.

On the day when the souls will be returned to their Lord if you do not see me at the right place by Allah you will ask your Loving Lord to come and get me, it is a promise given to you by Allah the Majestic, The One who never breaks his promise.

Maybe the true extent of our connection cannot fully be expressed that is why

This is a worldly expression like the third page copy on carbon paper