From Farisha – ISBR Academy

Dear Prophet Muhammad (SAW),
Thank you so much for helping us Muslims to have the freedom we have today. My name is Farisha Rahman and I go to ISBR Academy every Sunday and I learn a LOT about you.
I learned about your adventures, your bravery, your good deeds and how your heart is truly clean. I also learned about your kindness, your generosity and how you have been a fair and good leader. If being a Muslim means you’re our Prophet, I am very proud to call myself one.
Anyways. I would love to learn more about your history as I grow up and I want to be as kind as
you are.
Farisha Rahman.

From Matene – ISBR Academy

My Dear Prophet Muhammad,
My name is Matene Royan and my parents decided to give me this name because of their love for Allah. Matene means strong which is one of the names given to Allah. You are my number one role model, especially because of your closeness with Allah. You brought all the messages from Allah to the people to guide them to the right path. One of those messages that is very important to me is that you are kind and grateful.
One moment that reminded me of your message to be kind and grateful was when my family and I went to Morocco last year and I saw a poor mom and her son on the street who was playing with a cardboard box. I realized that I should be grateful for what I have. It made me very sad to see that, so I decided to give him money that my parents gave me to buy himself a toy. We all need to be grateful for what we have and respect our elders and be nice to people.
From the bottom from my heart I really want to say thank you for all your messages. I wish I can
be just like you.

From Yeseen – ISBR Academy

Dear Sayedna Muhammad (S),

Thank you for all you have done to help Islam. You fought in wars and you brought Islam to a higher level. No matter how matter how much Al-Quraish tortured you, you never gave up on Islam. I am so glad you are our prophet and I hope you are too. You taught everyone how to pray and over the years it grew out to the world. You have set a great influence on everyone. I hope I can grow up to be as kind, thoughtful, mindful, and smart like you. You told and convinced everyone to believe in Allah (SWT). This is why I think you are very amazing.

From Serene – ISBR Academy

Dear Prophet Muhammad (S),
Thank you for teaching to be good Muslims and thank you for teaching us how to be kind to all people even if they are mean. I know how hard you worked in the Makkhan period. I am so thankful to you for starting this practice of Islam.
Serene Chaudhary

From Ismael – ISBR Academy

Thank you for helping me get better and better. I want to get your help in
basketball to get into the NBA. I would want your help to find my things that are lost. I want your help to be more patient with my brother and my mom and dad. Also I NEED your help to help my cousins in Denver to come here to New Jersey.

I like being a Muslim.

Ismael Ojeda