Dear Friend,

Letters to the Beloved is an annual writing contest held by Sanad Collective and Rabata (since 2019!). 

The purpose is simply to help the Ummah by connecting each heart with the Teacher and Guide of all hearts .  We believe this is the way to peace on earth.

Participation starts with just one question:

If you had the opportunity, what would you say to the Prophet ﷺ?

Ask yourself this question, ask your friends this question, ask your Parents this question, ask your colleagues this question, ask your neighbors this question, ask your children this question.

For inspiration, have a look at the 2015 and 2016 entries. But most of all, look into your own heart.

Letters to the Beloved SAWS Header 8

For those ambitious to make the Beloved ﷺ happy: serve this cause.

Host a letter-writing get-together (in your home, a cafe, or the mosque). Volunteer to do a letter-writing session at a school near you. Spread the word, loud and proud.

Be generous and spread the joy of writing to the Prophet ﷺ.   Not only Muslims can participate, but everyone.

Let’s work together to stir the love of the Messenger ﷺ in the hearts of all.

With love and prayers,

your Sisters and Brothers

at RabataSanad Collective