From Sheryaar – Mercy School

Dear Prophet Muhammad(SAW), I love you so much even though I never met you. I imagine that you are very beautiful. You had so much wisdom and never lied in your whole entire life. You lived the life according to Allah (SWT). You deserved to become a Prophet, because you never got a bad deed. Many of your relatives died when you were young, but you were patient with Allah. It was probably a test for you, and you succeeded and became a Prophet. Even though, people were worshipping idols at that point. You never gave up on telling what was right thing to do, and stop doing what is bad. Since you tried really hard, Allah will reward you and punish those who disagreed, laughed and were rude to you. Since, you were so nice and kind Allah gave you the Holy Quran as a special reward. Other, Prophets earned books too, but their books got changed and got lost. Only, your book has survived and people like me still read it! Sahabas started printing more and more for people to learn from it. After you there were no Prophets. So, you were the last and final Prophet that lived. You were the best among all the Prophets. Also, you are mentioned in Quran, which means you’re a great Prophet. Out of all the Prophet’s you’re my favorite. You never complained about anything or anyone. You had a very hard life and you survived it. Everyday, you used to go to Cave Hira and think about Allah and all the great things he has done for you. You used to light a fire because it was a very dark cave. You used to treat the animals and nature in a very gentle manner. You never caused any type of bad pollution that gives things diseases or any type of bad things that could happen to something or someone. You helped people so many times that Allah decided to make you the last and final prophet. Every Muslim loves you and they will always remember you. You will always live in my heart and I hope to lead my life in your way.

Love and prayers, Sheryaar Rizvi

Sheryaar Rizvi

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