From Faryal Naveed – Karima Secondary School

Oh Chosen One

Oh, the chosen one, you were a very great man,
you could see your good heart without a scan.
You were born in a world of injustice and cruelty,
And transformed it to the place of some kindness and equality.

Oh, the kindest of the kind, I wish that today you were here,*
to stop people from sinning and to build up vast fear.
Fear of sinning, the after world and hell,
But since you left something has changed which I cannot tell.

Oh, the most commendable, people are forgetting the teachings you taught,
And all the true stories of every time you bravely fought.
I cannot believe that the world has literally forgotten,
That what they are doing is horrible and rotten.

Oh, he who guides right, now the world relies on so much technology,
No one can explain anything without the internet highway,
People miss their prayers to the evil Shaaitan’s whispers,
And don’t realise that Hell won’t be a small fire of flickers.

Oh, the wise and judicious, the world really needs you,
So you can teach us all how to reach the place of the few.
Oh Prophet Muhammad SAW you radiate your beauty like a sun,
Oh, wise and judicious, you are the Chosen one.

By Faryal Naveed, age 14
Karima Secondary School

From Rabiah Akhtar – Karima Secondary School

Dear Prophet Muhammed (SWS),
I am writing this letter to thank you, for being there for me and for being my prophet. I have learned from your life lots of things that lead me for the right path, to reach heaven. I learnt how to deal with people, how to deal with problems. I learnt to be patient, but at the same time to overcome problems.I learned from you the true meaning of Islam and how to deal with non-Muslims. Prophet Mohammed, I love you. You are the one that I am following and trying to obey, you are the one who leads me to the right path. You are the kindest person ever born. You are the kindest hearted person ever. I want to thank you for being patient and for forgiving people who harmed you just to spread Islam. Ever since you had died, you have been taking thawab because of people who enter Islam. Thank you for helping me becoming a Muslim girl, and I am trying my best to be a perfect Muslim girl, that you could be proud of on the Day of Judgment. And you can be happy that still there are true Muslims. Thank you Prophet Mohammed if I kept writing for the rest of my life it won’t be enough for you
If I saw your smile, I would cry out of happiness. If I saw your tears, I would cry out of sadness. If only I could have been there catch your tears. I look into the mirror, and wish to see you there. When times are hard, I wish for your company. Your smile alone, would dispel my sorrows. When times are hard, I ask myself, what would you advise me. I first read about you, and your mercy and compassion towards others, and I fell in love. I pray to Allah to help me follow your footsteps you are my role model, my reflection in the mirror which I can’t yet see. I want to love what you love, and dislike that which you dislike. I stand in prayer, and look to my side wishing you were there. You truly are the ‘one’ out of mankind. If I was ever given the chance to catch a glimpse of you, I would travel from the West to the East. I only wish to be like you. I can now only wish to be the closest to you on the day of Qiyamah
Most Beloved Messenger! Thank you. I thank God for you. Thank you for all the suffering and pain you endured for me. Thank you for all the insults you took; thank you for all the blows you sustained; thank you for all the tireless hours you spent bringing this beautiful faith to me. I am so blessed to be a Muslim, and I thank God for that immense gift. I ask God to forgive me whenever I fall short of the demands of the faith I love and adore. And I also ask you to forgive me, too. For, whenever I sin against God, I betray the pain and struggle you endured so that I can be a Muslim. So, forgive me. I
never mean it purposely; I love you way too much to belittle your struggle for the faith. I love you so much, O Messenger of God. I love you so much. Every day, the faith we love so dearly–the faith that you gave your whole life to bring to me–is maligned and attacked. We have had to constantly remind the people that Islam does not sanction violence. We have to keep saying the same things over and over, as if the people are hearing it for the first time. And in many instances, the people, unfortunately,
are hearing it for the first time. 
Your sincerely
Rabiah akhtar
Age: 15
Karima secondary school

From Safeer Shabbir – Karima Secondary School

Dear Muhammad

May blessings and salutations be upon you,
And all the sahabas that were among you.
Thank you for everything that you have done,
From the battles that you have won,
That have made us Muslims standing here today.
To your name this day we pray.
You sacrificed everything for Islam,
You are the perfect model for mankind,
A cure for the blind,
Your beauty it’s what stands out,
It’s what makes you so divine.
I aspire to be like you,
And complete all the Sunnahs you’ve laid out.
I pray that I meet you, you’d be in Jannah no doubt
May blessings be upon thee,
Oh our beloved Muhammad.

From Zeeshan Rabbani – Karima Secondary School

Name: Zeeshan Rabbani.
School: Karima secondary.
Age: 13 years old.
Asalamalykum Prophet Muhammed (SAW),
P rophet Muhammed is my inspiration.
R asullalah is your name.
O ver the skies is Heaven/Jannah.
P rophet Muhammed is the best.
H ugs for you.
E nd of time I’ll be waiting for you.
T ogether we will beloved.

M uhammed is the one.
U nite us together.
H ell fire I will not go.
A nd I will go to Jannah.
M uhammed is loving.
M uhammed always forgave his enemies.
A nd please forgive me from my sins.
D een is what I need.

From Hafsah Chak

My letter to Rasool Allah

Dear Rasool Allah,

How did it feel to be a leader? How did it feel to be the
messenger of God? Oh Rasool Allah, i’d do anything to
kiss your hand,or even say assalamualaikum to you ya
Rasool Allah. Oh Rasool AllahI wish I could be one of the
kids that raced you. It makes me sad when I hear the
stories of the peoples that were mean to you. Especially
the story of the heartless man that slapped your horse
right before you were going to get on and you fell off. Oh
Rasool Allah you were a perfect human being and you
always new what to do, so can you give me some tips to
stay on the right path? Inshallah I will be one of those who

see you in jannah
Hafsah Chak

From Shahd Abuabed

Bismillah Alrahman Alrahim

Oh Ya Rasool Allah (s.a.w),

I miss you so much. I always wish to become a great muslim like you. I think of you as a leader, as a person who takes the right path. You were sent to us as a mercy. You were sent to us to spread islam and the Quran. You are the greatest person that I know. I have never met you, but  I feel that I know you since a long time ago. When I follow sunnah, and do what you taught us, I feel that you are still alive, living with us.Inshallah I will do my best to be in the same level as you in Jannah.


Shahd Abuabed, a 6th grader, an 11 year old

From Raven Wilson

What If…

What if my parents hadn’t raised me to know the name of Jesus Christ?
What if I never found out about everything he’s sacrificed?
What if for every sin I committed, I had to pay the price?
What if on this earth was my only life?

What if I never got to experience the fullness of the Lord?
What if every single one of my prayers went ignored?
What if I had no purpose in my life to work toward?
What if my soul never got the chance to be restored?

What if I lived my life empty never feeling whole?
What if meeting Jesus one day wasn’t the ultimate goal?
What if Jesus never gave me all His heart and soul?
What if my life wasn’t under His control?

To God almighty who gave me life, I am thankful
With words that will never be able to describe how you always remain faithful
To Your people, their prayers, and their purpose
Showering us in Your love that is beyond precious

We deserve nothing, yet you give us an eternal promise
Reminding us of who we are, even when we feel worthless
There is no sin that can’t be forgiven because Your grace is limitless
And in Your eyes, each and every one of us is priceless

Thank you, God for the price you paid on that cross

So to You, I will give thanks everyday no matter the cost
And if I never knew you in all my days on this earth,
Above everything else, that would be my greatest loss

From Hadiya Ahmed

The prophet (SAW)s poem

The prophet Muhammad was born In Makkah ,a holy place,

He had many challenges that he was going to face

His hair was black and long and he never did anything wrong

He also faced lots of violence but ignored it and sat in silence

The prophets skin colour was fair and he would always be in a state of prayer

The prophet was just above the average height and to see them would be an amazing sight

How I would love to be alive in the prophet SAWs time

How I wish that I was as loving as him

How I wish that my heart was full of bliss

How I would have loved to be a child singing to them

How I would have loved to speak to them

And i would love to be in the company of them

And to have seen the prophet

Imagine that we had met so let’s not forget our last and most beloved prophet of Allah

By Hadiya Ahmed

Age 11 Karima al marwaziyya

– [ ]

From Rija Ishaq

Dear Prophet Muhammad (as)
Assalam -o-alikum
My name is Rija and I am 10 yrs old. I have a younger brother,Ibrahim who is 7 yrs old. . Ever since I was a little girl my grandmother used to tell me and my brother stories about you . She is who inspired me to start researching and learning all about your life.
The reason I am writing this letter to you is because I wanted to tell you how much I like you and your city Medina. When I was in Medina I wished that I could have talked to you more (like while praying). I would have asked you if you were proud of your city because you should be!, there were lots and lots of nice people who were always smiling. Even though it was really crowded people were always being helpful. One lady shared her iftar with us when we couldn’t find a spot to sit at the masjid. Even the water tasted better at your masjid. We saw a lot of cats too. They were really cute and not scary at all.
One thing that I most admire about you is that you are trustworthy and honest. You never tell lies and people trust you with their belongings. People don’t even need to ask you to show proof that you are telling the truth. I also like that you are calm and patient and that you don’t give up. You will be happy to know that lots of people follow your character traits and pass them down to their kids. A lot of people help others in need like my grandmother who runs a free school in Pakistan for kids that don’t have enough money. My other grandmother teaches children for free too and helps them with reading and understanding the Quran. When I grow up I want to become a teacher and help children and adults in need and teach them to read and understand Quran and Hadees like sister Aisha, my Quran teacher. My goal for 2019 is to be patient with people around me and honest all the time just like you were. I also want to make the world a better place for everyone.
While I was researching about you I had came up with some questions to ask you and hope that you can answer them.
· How do you handle it when people said mean things to you without getting angry or upset?
· How did you feel growing up without a father?
· How did you feel when you became a prophet?
I hope you enjoyed reading my letter and wish that I could meet you one day. Your life is very inspirational and I aspire to be just like you.
Rija Ishaq

From Hafsa Khan

Dear, prophet Muhammad,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I would love to speak to you in person but I can’t so I decided to send you a letter. I would like to start off by saying thank you for how much you have sacrificed to lead the Muslims and non- Muslims to the right path. When the non-muslim tried to kill you but found out that you were gone, they went looking for you and followed the trail you left behind. When it led up to the cave because a spider helped you by making a web which covered your tracks. This is why I do not kill spiders. You have fought for Allah and I thank you for your bravery. May Allah bless you for helping people fall on the right path to Islam.

From: Hafsa Khan