From Zeeshan Rabbani – Karima Secondary School

Name: Zeeshan Rabbani.
School: Karima secondary.
Age: 13 years old.
Asalamalykum Prophet Muhammed (SAW),
P rophet Muhammed is my inspiration.
R asullalah is your name.
O ver the skies is Heaven/Jannah.
P rophet Muhammed is the best.
H ugs for you.
E nd of time I’ll be waiting for you.
T ogether we will beloved.

M uhammed is the one.
U nite us together.
H ell fire I will not go.
A nd I will go to Jannah.
M uhammed is loving.
M uhammed always forgave his enemies.
A nd please forgive me from my sins.
D een is what I need.

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