From Ismaeel Z A – Karima Secondary School

Letter to the Prophet ﷺ
Assalamalaikum, Ya rasullallah
I ask of you that you make Dua for me and that I will be one
of those who will receive your intercession on the day of
Judgement. I also ask of you that I be your neighbour in the
Jannah. Please can you ask Allah to forgive any sins that I any
have committed and to prevent me from committing any sins
in the future. I have recently been learning about your
Seerah, my favourite part was the night journey. Listening to
Jannah and You ﷺ meeting other prophets such as Musa
(as). My other favourite part was the battle of Badr, not the
need for war as such but the fact that the Muslims were
victorious and that you were outnumbered. I also liked
listening to Allah sending down angels to help with the
Islam’s victory. Please could you also ask Allah that I and
anyone that I have come in contact with gets to the highest
level of Jannah without any difficulties or hardships. Please
could you also make it easy for us on the day of Judgement
when we will be waiting to receive our deeds in our left or
right hand? Please could you also let me and the ummah
drink from your blessed hands on the day of Judgement
when we will be dying of thirst? Please could you also
prevent us from drowning in our own sweat. Please could
you help us get closer to you.

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