From Haneen – Tarbiyah Elementary School

Dear Rasulu’llah,
Assalamualaikum prophet Muhammad. You are the most trustworthy
person I heard of. You care about other people more than yourself. You guided
me to the right way. Without you we would be lost.
You taught me to be brave and honest. You taught us to be good to others
and to be strong. I would love to thank you for all you did. You were so nice to
everyone. You had so much bravery and support.
Prophet Muhammad you are our inspiration. I always listen to your stories. I
haven’t seen anyone with your character. You never lost hope in guiding people to
Islam. I wish I was there when you were. I don’t know how you finished your
test. Everyone wants to be like you but all we can be is ourselves.
Love, Haneen

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