From Hafsah Chak

My letter to Rasool Allah

Dear Rasool Allah,

How did it feel to be a leader? How did it feel to be the
messenger of God? Oh Rasool Allah, i’d do anything to
kiss your hand,or even say assalamualaikum to you ya
Rasool Allah. Oh Rasool AllahI wish I could be one of the
kids that raced you. It makes me sad when I hear the
stories of the peoples that were mean to you. Especially
the story of the heartless man that slapped your horse
right before you were going to get on and you fell off. Oh
Rasool Allah you were a perfect human being and you
always new what to do, so can you give me some tips to
stay on the right path? Inshallah I will be one of those who

see you in jannah
Hafsah Chak

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