From Hadiya Ahmed

The prophet (SAW)s poem

The prophet Muhammad was born In Makkah ,a holy place,

He had many challenges that he was going to face

His hair was black and long and he never did anything wrong

He also faced lots of violence but ignored it and sat in silence

The prophets skin colour was fair and he would always be in a state of prayer

The prophet was just above the average height and to see them would be an amazing sight

How I would love to be alive in the prophet SAWs time

How I wish that I was as loving as him

How I wish that my heart was full of bliss

How I would have loved to be a child singing to them

How I would have loved to speak to them

And i would love to be in the company of them

And to have seen the prophet

Imagine that we had met so let’s not forget our last and most beloved prophet of Allah

By Hadiya Ahmed

Age 11 Karima al marwaziyya

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