From Haady – Tarbiyah Elementary School

Dear beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

I have no words to describe my love for you…. For my words are like an idea written on paper which has been crumpled and thrown away…. Oh, prophet Muhammad even if Allah made you transparent, I would still not find any sign of sin or evil. For Allah has purified your soul.

Oh, prophet Muhammad even in your final moments you were worried about us. You gave us your Sunnah and still many of us, being the horrible lifeless humans, we are we do not follow it. You loved us more than we love our own parents.

You were so merciful that even when the people of Taif threw rocks of hatred and pain at you still decided to forgive them. Why? You had a hope and you made dua for their next offspring to accept Islam. Oh, prophet you really were a gem among stones of men.

Oh, prophet I admire your actions as you always helped your family and you never lost your cool even when others around you did you wrong. But one amazing thing about you was that you always told the truth, people called you Al-Ameen but I call you the true preacher and light of Islam.

Oh, prophet your actions shine bright than the sun. Oh, prophet you were so noble the clouds would shade you from the burning hot sun. Oh, beloved prophet, I wonder how it felt to enter Madinah: maybe you felt heroic or maybe you felt relieved.

Surely oh prophet it must have been something that I cannot describe with words… for my words are like an idea on a paper which has been crumpled and thrown away…. Oh, prophet people say you were the most beautiful and your skin would glow with radiance. You would smell better than musk, but for me you are more than that.

Oh, prophet how was the Isra Wal Miraj how I wish I could also see the seven heavens and meet all the prophets. But not only did you meet the prophets, being the greatest prophet, you also let them in prayer.

Oh, prophet you were the best of all creation, saving humanity from devastation. Still you had enough time for your family and the entire Muslim nation. To be a Muslim or not to be a Muslim was the question people asked, but you were the one who truly showed them the one and only straight path. Oh, prophet you gave us your Sunnah and Allah gave us the Quran, but now the disbelievers are coming out unchained.

Oh, prophet it makes my heart ache for you to think that many of your Ummah are disbelievers. But I shall follow your footsteps strongly and firmly and hold steadfast to your deen and shall finally bring an end to the torcher and falsehood of the disbelievers, Inshallah.

Yours Sincerely,
Haady Khan

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