From Fiza Zubair

Dear Prophet Muhammad SAW,
I hope you lead me through the right path and I hope you lead many others through the right path too. Also, I will try to follow you and tell people more about Islam. I will share your stories and the hardships you went through when you were a young child. I will bring my family with me and we are all going to share the teachings of Islam. If I want to teach people, I will have to learn myself. I will learn about Islam more and more, so I can share my knowledge. I’m going to teach people of when you; Prophet Muhammad SAW, what you had to go through. Also, how so many people wanted to kill you but Allah protected you. I wish you were here so we can see how you were kind to everyone, including people that hurt you and spoke bad about you. For example, when the old lady threw garbage at you everyday, yet when she got sick; you visited her to make sure she was alright. This action showed your compassion and love for humanity, even with all the hardships you encountered. I am able to see through your actions, you are a kind and generous Prophet. You are also a forgiving Prophet who has treated everyone equally despite the negative treatment you have received from certain people. I hope I can follow your ways and continue to better myself both as a person and a Muslim.

Fiza Zubair

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