From Faryal Naveed – Karima Secondary School

Oh Chosen One

Oh, the chosen one, you were a very great man,
you could see your good heart without a scan.
You were born in a world of injustice and cruelty,
And transformed it to the place of some kindness and equality.

Oh, the kindest of the kind, I wish that today you were here,*
to stop people from sinning and to build up vast fear.
Fear of sinning, the after world and hell,
But since you left something has changed which I cannot tell.

Oh, the most commendable, people are forgetting the teachings you taught,
And all the true stories of every time you bravely fought.
I cannot believe that the world has literally forgotten,
That what they are doing is horrible and rotten.

Oh, he who guides right, now the world relies on so much technology,
No one can explain anything without the internet highway,
People miss their prayers to the evil Shaaitan’s whispers,
And don’t realise that Hell won’t be a small fire of flickers.

Oh, the wise and judicious, the world really needs you,
So you can teach us all how to reach the place of the few.
Oh Prophet Muhammad SAW you radiate your beauty like a sun,
Oh, wise and judicious, you are the Chosen one.

By Faryal Naveed, age 14
Karima Secondary School

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