From Daud – Tarbiyah Elementary School

Jazakallah, Rasulullah
Dear, Beloved Rasululah I can’t thankyou enough,
When you walked the streets of Taif, people threw rocks at you
And you didn’t even care. I’m just wondering how could you even bare?

The believers call you al-ameen,
But I’d rather call you the preacher of the best deen.
Oh prophet, jazakallah for everything!

I remember as you stayed up all night, just to pray to Allah,
Your feet started swelling, thankfully it’s not against the law.
As you had fun and raced your wives,
not only this you cared about their precious lives.
I still can’t thankyou enough for all that you have done.

May Allah shine your deeds brighter than the sun!
Oh prophet, jazakallah for everything!

I remember when you grinded that old man’s mill,
And when you migrated to Madinah you had to climb the steepest hills.
Remember when the disbelievers mocked you,
at the time you were going through your trouble.
But you kept calm and stayed yourself; nice and humble.
Oh, prophet jazakallah for everything!

But today people have gotten weakened in their Islam.
And the disbelievers, it is as if they are a walking Shaytan!
We try our best to guide them to the right path,
But it’s harder than teaching someone to do math.

The world has darkened after your departure from this universe
I wish Allah could teach them with a curse.
While you tried to spread your message, you were going through so much tension,
The disbelievers never listened, indeed will come a day when they will go through redemption

Till’ then I shall wait for you patiently,
I will not let the disbelievers talk of you haltingly!
Oh prophet. Jazakallah for everything.

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