From Ayima – Tarbiyah Elementary School

Dear Prophet Muhammad,
My dream is to see you on the day of judgment and the only reason everyone
might be going to Jannah is thanks to you. O Muhammad please make me go to the right path. O Muhammad please make me
go to the good place up the seven skies. O Muhammad
I would give 1000 dollars to see you
and your nice, kind awesome smile. O
Muhammad you are truly the best in mankind you help anyone
that is needy. I will always follow you because
you are Allah’s messenger and as long as I live I
do whatever you say. O Muhammad you have
always been there for me to protect me from
the bad. I will pray to be with you forever and
never leave you. I also know that you were
the bravest Prophet. You would go thru
so much trouble and yet you would never
give up. You have filled my heart with so much love
and if I could I would take a big box
and put all the love inside of it. O Muhammad
you showed me the right and wrong and how to be a better Muslim. and every night I would make dua for you. O
Muhammad what would my life mean
without you.

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