From Alina – Tarbiyah Elementary School

Dear my Beloved Prophet,
I wish to see you so much. Your teaching will never leave me.
And you will never leave me. Your face shines like the stars.
I wish to climb time to see you and hug you. And I will always
believe in you because you’re trustworthy. I will always stay by
your side. And fight with you it will be like I am your daughter.
I wish I was one of your daughters. I would memorize the
Quran with you, pray Salah with you. But now that you are gone
I am heart broken. I pray God that you and me will be
together in Jannah. And now today I feel like my heart is crying
because you are gone. I also wish to be brave like you.
Your truly, a good believer!
Alina Rehman

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