From Aiza – Tarbiyah Elementary School

Dear Beloved Prophet,
My heart yearns to see you. I wish you were here for even
just a moment. You would always be kind to those who weren’t
kind to you. Your soul was full of light and your smile was
brighter than the moon. I would do anything just to see you.
You taught me right from wrong and to never judge,
You filled my heart with love and you taught us how to
live. You also freed slaves and gave hope to the poor. You
taught me the right way.
Insha Allah I’ll follow your way. I can’t explain how
much you mean to me and I love you even though I have
never met you. There was truth in every word you said.
My only dream is to be with you. There is no one like you,
you certainly are the best mankind, Ya Rasulullah.
Sincerely, Aiza Khan

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