From Rabiah Akhtar – Karima Secondary School

Dear Prophet Muhammed (SWS),
I am writing this letter to thank you, for being there for me and for being my prophet. I have learned from your life lots of things that lead me for the right path, to reach heaven. I learnt how to deal with people, how to deal with problems. I learnt to be patient, but at the same time to overcome problems.I learned from you the true meaning of Islam and how to deal with non-Muslims. Prophet Mohammed, I love you. You are the one that I am following and trying to obey, you are the one who leads me to the right path. You are the kindest person ever born. You are the kindest hearted person ever. I want to thank you for being patient and for forgiving people who harmed you just to spread Islam. Ever since you had died, you have been taking thawab because of people who enter Islam. Thank you for helping me becoming a Muslim girl, and I am trying my best to be a perfect Muslim girl, that you could be proud of on the Day of Judgment. And you can be happy that still there are true Muslims. Thank you Prophet Mohammed if I kept writing for the rest of my life it won’t be enough for you
If I saw your smile, I would cry out of happiness. If I saw your tears, I would cry out of sadness. If only I could have been there catch your tears. I look into the mirror, and wish to see you there. When times are hard, I wish for your company. Your smile alone, would dispel my sorrows. When times are hard, I ask myself, what would you advise me. I first read about you, and your mercy and compassion towards others, and I fell in love. I pray to Allah to help me follow your footsteps you are my role model, my reflection in the mirror which I can’t yet see. I want to love what you love, and dislike that which you dislike. I stand in prayer, and look to my side wishing you were there. You truly are the ‘one’ out of mankind. If I was ever given the chance to catch a glimpse of you, I would travel from the West to the East. I only wish to be like you. I can now only wish to be the closest to you on the day of Qiyamah
Most Beloved Messenger! Thank you. I thank God for you. Thank you for all the suffering and pain you endured for me. Thank you for all the insults you took; thank you for all the blows you sustained; thank you for all the tireless hours you spent bringing this beautiful faith to me. I am so blessed to be a Muslim, and I thank God for that immense gift. I ask God to forgive me whenever I fall short of the demands of the faith I love and adore. And I also ask you to forgive me, too. For, whenever I sin against God, I betray the pain and struggle you endured so that I can be a Muslim. So, forgive me. I
never mean it purposely; I love you way too much to belittle your struggle for the faith. I love you so much, O Messenger of God. I love you so much. Every day, the faith we love so dearly–the faith that you gave your whole life to bring to me–is maligned and attacked. We have had to constantly remind the people that Islam does not sanction violence. We have to keep saying the same things over and over, as if the people are hearing it for the first time. And in many instances, the people, unfortunately,
are hearing it for the first time. 
Your sincerely
Rabiah akhtar
Age: 15
Karima secondary school

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