From Haadia – Noor Kids Club

Dear Prophet Muhammad (SAW),
Humankind has accomplished a lot since you left this
earth, but even though you are gone from this earth,
Muslims and non-Muslims alike look you up to you as a
role model and guide. Humankind has abolished
slavery, allowed women to vote, and so much more!
But don’t get me wrong, we still have a looooong way to
go. I wish to thank you, on the behalf of all humankind, as
for you have brought much joy to my life, and many
others, through the Quran and hadiths. I long to meet
you one day in Jennah. There still are many bad things
in the world, but I hope that one day there will only
be good on the world. There still is war in this world, even
in Muslim countries and Muslims are hurting each other, I
hope that they will find the right path soon. Islam
is spreading, and we continue to spread peace in the
world through our deen. I believe, that if we all follow
your footsteps, the world will finally be
at peace.

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