From Ayah – Noor Kids Club

For the one who has brought a purpose to my life,
and gave me Jannah to look forward too. You are the one
who gave me a path to follow and a book as a guide.
You have worked so hard to get us to where I am today.
However, things can change. Once you passed away the whole
world was in conflict. People tried and are still trying to
bring all Muslims that we treat as brothers and sisters apart.
They banned the sacrifice of halal meat in Belgium. They banned
our relatives from far away from coming to America. Fire sparked
in Iran and Iraq, and in Syria and Palestine. Many Muslims
started hurting each other. I know you are probably thinking
the world is always in conflict…but…now is worse
than ever. Most countries fighting over more power. But Islam
is still there, with more people converiting. Islam has never
changed even when they tried. InshaAllah Islam keeps on spreading
and changing the world.

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