From Zainub – Tabiyah Elementary School

Dear Prophet Muhammad (saw),
I’ve always wondered if I would ever see your bright and joyful smile. If I saw your smile, I would cry out of happiness. The joy that your smile brings is unconditional love. It shows your compassion.
“When you smile to your brother’s face, it is charity,”
You often told your companions. You would smile to the ones you loved and to the ones that were considered your enemies. Your smile has increased kindness within yourself. A man of humbleness and kindness smiles to those who hate him, only you would be able to do that.
You were a man of kindness, and humbleness. The time when your neighbour, a non-Muslim woman threw trash on you while you left the house. And the only thing you did was walk away. I am still shocked till this day ever since I heard it when I was a child. Everyday is a struggle which you help me get through, you set the example and I am following.
Oh prophet of allah, how were you so kind and honest? How were you so just and humble? Oh prophet tell me how I can become better. Your teachings full of wisdom and undeniable truth, something I dream to memorize and understand. So complex yet so simple, I always wonder how you did it.
Though you are not here I wish to see your bright smile, and your kind face. If not then to even sit where you sat, walk where you walked. I wish to even be kind the way you did when you encountered difficult situations. I wish to be like you, someone strong and kind, gentle but stern, ya rasulallah I wish to be like you.
Sincerely Zainub Hussain

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