From Zainah – Tarbiyah Elementary School

Dear beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), May Allah (swt) shower you and your family with blessing. I don’t know where to start, because you have done amazing things and done so much for us. You do so much for Allah (swt), your family, your friends, your companions, but most importantly your ummah. Mashallah you were so kind, honest, humble, thankful, generous, and indulged of many other positive yet countless characteristics. If you only existed once again in modern time, all problems would be solved. Hence, there would never be any problem at all. Something that I always reflect on which stands out to me is how just one smile of yours spreads glory and happiness all around the world. Everything you do always inspires me and encourages me to do good! I pray and make dua everyday that Allah (swt) will make me and the ummah somewhat like you. Rasulallah, you were a walking example of the quran! The thing that I love about you is how you were so kind and patient you are with everyone no matter who or what they are. Everyone wanted to kill you and made fun of you but you stood strong and used kindness and made sure that their ignorance didn’t bring you down. All you did was put your trust on Allah’s you continuously made dua for yourself and your ummah. I learned so much from your previous acts. For example you taught, manners, patience, and how to be kind. You also taught how to deal with certain people, how to be clean, to always give, to respect elders, to obey your parents and much much more Mashallah! But most importantly, you taught all of us how to be close and have a strong connection with Allah (swt). Although you have been through many tragedies it’s amazing how you never gave up. Personally, if I were you, I would have just give up and blamed Allah (swt) for no reason. But Alhamdulilah Allah had chosen you and only you to teach us. You, Rasulullah went through everything and so much. Yet you never complained. I have heard that you would always had a beautiful smile on your face. All I want to say is thank you prophet Muhammad. JazakAllah for everything you have shown and taught us. I pray and make dua that I am one of the lucky people that get to see and meet you in the hereafter. These are the reasons why I love you oh Prophet! Thank you for being the best role model anyone could as for. Jazakallah!

Sincerely, Zainah Hussain

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