From Sanjay Subhag

To: My Beloved
From: Your brother and lowly student, Sanjay
Would you believe that my heart was washed when I read about the washing of yours?
I didn’t believe in myself till I heard about your belief in our Lord
I couldn’t dream of servitude until you told me what the best servants do
I wouldn’t be complete in solitude if you didn’t solidify my purpose to

And oh RasoolAllah, beloved of the Sculptor of the Stars
Even at a distance, I feel close to you the way your companions are
Within an instant I want to mimic the way you lived
To fulfill my existence I’d want to exhibit the qualities your companions did

Like Abu Bakr (ra), the true definition of a friend
Who’s tears touched your blessed face as he quietly endured the scorpion’s sting
Or like Umar (ra), who’s jealousy for the deen was to hard to match
True defender of the messenger against any harm that would come to pass

Or like Uthman (ra), who married those of your kin
You knew him to be the modest one, who like you avoided sin
Or like Ali (ra), the one whom you fought alongside
A true commander of the Muslims willing to sacrifice his life

What a virtue it is to drink from your hands from Jannah’s streams
How amazing it would be to see you in my dreams
Taken aback I would be with RasulAllah in front of me
The opportunity so surreal, how would I even speak?

I’m in love with the softness of your hands, the beauty of your smile
The wisdom of your words, the significance of your trials
The triumphs of your life, the compassion in your voice
The purity of your heart, the tranquility amongst the noise

May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you, His noble slave
The one who will race on the day that there is no shade but His shade
Crying “Ummati” for your people to be saved
Words can’t express my love nor will it express how much you gave

My beloved.

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