From Kenzee Sethi

Oh Beloved Messenger of Allah (SWT), you had a life where you were guided to be on the right path. You guided all Muslims – past, present, and future – to pursue the true path of Allah. Your Sunnah provides us with eternal guidelines for a prosperous life, filled with love for Islam. While you had an extremely harsh life, you still prayed for us, loved us, and guided us. I thank you for spreading the message of Islam.

This Ummah, now in 2019, is not what I believe you had wished and prayed for us to be. This past winter vacation, I was pleased to be the guest of Allah again when we went for Umrah. The ambiance of Masjid al-Nabawi was poignant. I remember praying at your beautiful masjid when I was 8 years old and was excited at the sight Muslims from all around the world.

Now that I am a teenager, architecturally the mosque is beautiful. Every meticulous swirl, line, and dot, makes up this amazing masterpiece. I also love that when you go to the Rawdah you can see the Green Dome and the juxtaposition of the old, Ottoman and new, Saudi architecture. Walking into the Ottoman part was like going back in time – the dimmed, grand Turkish lights make going to see you an indelible experience. As well, the engineering of the moving umbrellas and domes are the best thing ever!

However, offering salaams to you in the Rawdah – the green carpet area symbolizing a piece of Paradise – brought sadness to my heart. The amount of pushing, shoving, and screaming, especially on the women’s side, brings trepidation within my very soul. I’m sure this is not what you would have wanted when your Ummah came to visit you. Going to see you was surreal. It started with a smile and joy in my heart. Unfortunately, I spent most of the time worried about the safety of my younger sister, my mother, and other worshippers; while I shielded them from women who were pushing and trampling on us in their zeal to see your tomb. To be worrying about your own safety and the safety of others instead of your connection with Allah (SWT), is wrong in my opinion.

Oh Prophet! You prayed every night for hours and hours but your prayers have not yet been answered. You prayed for Allah to guide your Ummah, but we remain misguided. We, as an Ummah, need your guidance again, to help place us on the right path and prevent the impetuous behavior of your Ummah.

Ya Nabi! If you were here today I wonder what you would say?

With humility,

Kynzee Sethi

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