From Hailey De Jong

O Beloved Rasool-Allah,

As I wandered into the Haram of Jerusalem for the first time, my eyes scanned the surroundings, and eventually settled on a golden dome, lit up against the darkness of the night sky. A wave of emotion crashed over me. This was the sacred precinct that had been mentioned by the Most High in the Holy Qur’an. Upon entering the Dome of the Rock, I immediately noticed an area surrounded by a barrier. Inside was a large rock—the place where you, our Beloved Prophet, ascended to the Heavens and began the journey in which you led all of the righteous messengers that came before you in prayer.

I gazed over the rock, and inspected it from many different angles. There was one corner where I found people reaching their hands inside. When my turn came, I reached in deeply and my hand grazed over a part of the stone, made smooth by lovers continuously caressing it for hundreds of years. This is the closest I had ever been to a place where you had also been, to where your blessed foot had stepped.

After a while of silent contemplation, I stepped back out into the night. As I looked up into the darkness of the sky, I spotted the moon hovering gracefully above the golden dome of the mosque. It was a full moon, and I couldn’t help but think of how your companions used to describe your illustrious face as being like the full moon, not overpowering like the sun. The sun can blind you if you look for too long, yet the moon emits a soft and elegant light. One can gaze upon it and their eyes will not be overwhelmed by the beauty.
O Messenger of God! How wrong was I to think that one needs to be physically close to where you once walked in order to be truly close to you! For true lovers see you in their mind’s eye, their hearts, and their dreams. They need not travel the world in search of you in order to express their love when it already exists everywhere they go. I pray to Al-Wadood, the Most Loving, to increase the love for you in my heart. Oh Prophet mine, I wish to keep you in my remembrance with every breath I take and every du’a I make. I hope that every time I look up and see a full moon, I remember your illuminated face. I wish to no longer simply see a glowing orb in the night, but that instead I see a gentle face whose dark eyes are set against a skin whose tone is a perfect balance between light and dark, whose jet hair and beard are lightly interspersed with a few gray hairs, and whose teeth are strong and bright like oysters. And when there is no full moon to remind me of the radiance of your face, I pray that I can already see it in my dreams.

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