From Fadiyah Mian

A Love Story

You ask me why I love this man? Listen carefully and you shall understand He had a softness in his walk In which the earth caressed his every step Each step he took was padded as though he silently walked the earth His sweet fragrance lingered where ever he walked So sweet of a scent which no perfume could match His smile was contagious and his message was complete So few words yet meanings so deep Everything so perfect and created with the utmost care The finest blend from a lineage so pure A light radiating from the earth upon his birth A buzz in the air that our Beloved has come Stars drawing near to catch a glance So near that one feared they would fall onto earth He was a companion to all Every rock, tree, and person big or small A freer of slaves and hope to the poor A friend to the orphan which made them feel loved once more His glow surrounding him in every direction A night light standing in prayer
At hours which few had dared An hour of mercy and forgiveness buzzing through the air Tears dripped and wetted his beard Not for him but for us Worry which kept him up all night Not in fear but with great care He worried for everyone a fair share I close my eyes and fall to sleep Thinking of thoughts until we meet Hoping to catch some glimpses in my dreams I lay down and the last words to my Habib Is ‘Assalaamu Alayka ya Rasoolullah’ Allahumma Sali ‘Alla sayyidina Muhammad

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