From Eisha Basit

A Dua For the Muhibeen
By Eisha Basit
May Allah adorn you with my sweet Muhammad,
The one I long to meet,
And when I gaze upon your face,
May he smile back at me,
May Allah adorn you with my sweet Muhammad,
Upon your brow, his mark,
A mirror for the self-same imprint
He left on my heart,
My sweet, sweet Muhammad,
May his glance be in your eyes,
Oh what can be said of those twin lights
That are fuelling all my sighs,
Those fluttering, dark lashes,
Merciful in what they conceal;
The holy grail for lovers
In all they can reveal,
So much that can adorn,
His manner, his words, his pace,
But, oh my sweet Muhammad,
All thoughts return to your face,
Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad,
Speech no longer satisfies,
The hunger for you now
Is a desperate thirst of the eyes,
O you intoxicated in Muhammad,
May Allah cocoon you in the Habib’s light,
And in the increase of your beauty,
May we gain the Muhammadan sight!

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