From Ayesha T. Syed

Hierarchy of the Heart

Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, RasulAllah.

When I was little, I was taught to first love Allah, then you, then my mother, father and so on. I didn’t understand how or why. I never knew my father, and all I did know was that the cartoon princess loved her prince most. Now nearing 40, I am so thankful that I have Allah and you to love. Had I not built this steadying hierarchy of the heart, I would’ve sank over and over during emotionally thrashing storms in the course of life. I could have become a bitter survivor, but the love of Allah and you keeps me afloat with a heart full of gratitude, joy, and hope in improving myself and contributing to the world!

Thank you for all you did for me. You endured a frightening first encounter with Gibrael alayhi salaam, and because of that I can hold the words of my Maker in my hands. You persevered despite persecution to establish Islam so it could reach us today. You taught me how to interact with this dunya that I find myself in. You once walked this planet and dealt with its people. When I want to quarrel, I will remember your dignified demeanor and stop with “salaam.” Your habits teach me how to keep healthy through your method of eating and hygiene. I’m sure it wasn’t always easy to be the perfect example, yet you made it easy for us. You sought reduction of prayers down to five, and you sometimes didn’t do a nafil too regularly so as not to obligate us. Thanks to you I know how to perform the postures of prayer, which keep me calm and grounded. Equipped with your beautiful supplications, I seek refuge from laziness, and aim for lofty goals. Based on the accounts of miracles given to you like soaring to jannah on the Buraq, I have hope in extraordinary possibilities and the power of our Lord. Thanks to your marrying women previously married and older than you, I am now married under the same circumstances. Since you were playful with kids, I try to lighten up so my family might be happier than if I was always strict. If I feel alone, I remember Allah and you, and it suffices my soul. Remembering you reminds me to smile, and I’m sure that makes me more likeable 🙂

Beloved Messenger, we are blessed to still have you to love through your seerah, hadith, description and promises to your ummah. You have my best interest at heart so I know you love me too.

Love and gratitude,

Ayesha T. Syed

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