From Anonymous

bi-smi lLahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Assalaamo alayka wa rahmatollahi wa barakaatoh ya Rasool Allah

I have a problem.

Forgive me.

My pride is keeping me from getting closer to you.

I’m blessed in so many ways – health, family, beautiful teachers and teachings, God given abilities – indeed, I couldn’t count them if I tried.

But where’s my thanks giving? The real one that invests each atom and joule to unearth the Jewel within the son of Adam.

Is mine the only wounded heart that could heal from the guidance that comes to me?

What is an absence of thankfulness but a presence of pride?

More than that I live in the bubble of my pride. Stewing in my so-called challenges, and worries. Insisting on looking for solutions from myself. Refusing to exchange a moment of slumber for an ongoing awakening.

I can’t fight my pride – not from myself, not with these empty hands, not with this feeble heart.

How can I muster the courage to step into the role that awaits me?

My only hope is to transcend by loving you!

Ya Rasool Allah!

I have a problem.

Help me.



wassalaamo alayka wa rahmatollahi wa barakaatoh

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