From Aisha Hikima Spencer

The Pain Pearl

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Weary woman, a black woman tired of all the pain

Broken hearted and with broken dreams, not daring to dream again

Shown a vision, a clear journey with Sibt-al-Husain ﷺ

A magnificent lesson, a deep talk, never to go un-acclaimed

She fell into a slumber, a deep sleep and was taken by the hand

“Aisha follow along! Let’s go!”

“Ok, Rasul Allah” ﷺ

Then inside a castle she was taken by the Light of all Beauties ﷺ

Side by side upstairs and lofts to the fountain of all his ﷺ duties

Weary woman, a black woman was made to recline in his ﷺ presence

Granted a seat at his ﷺ dinner table and given sweet dishes, she replied with calm countenance

Then he ﷺ requested his staff of angels, of infinite virtue, “Bring the next dish. Lay it before us now”

He ﷺ summoned her to eat, “Take”

But oh bitter, most bitter it looked. Not pleasing to her at all.

So she frowned.

He said “Eat”, but she refused.

So he ﷺ stood up and started to walk away

In fright she took a small piece saying “By Allah” and then his Honor ﷺ smiled

He ﷺ summoned her to follow along, but his ﷺ adornment by then had changed

Now beset with jewels and a black cloak, he ﷺ continued to show her around

“I want to show you a special place” he ﷺ said

“This is where I treat my ummah, especially those half dead”

She stood by the door of a room and watched him ﷺ comfort a bratty child.

To her the most recalcitrant gripper ever one could allow

“Be at peace! Be at peace!” His Honor ﷺ consoled this child.  

But she ranted and screamed at him ﷺ, a thorough gripper avowed.

Finally he ﷺ rose from his bowing and smiled.

“Aisha come here. It is your turn. Take this child!”

The weary woman screeched, “Don’t leave me alone with her! She’s wild.”

Then Rasul Allah ﷺ looked deeply, a thousand years into her eyes and said

“She is your heart. Tell her about Allah”

Then she knew she was the one more than half dead.

The weary woman knelt down saying “By Allah”

Consoling the child “Don’t cry. Everything is going to be alright”

Alhamdulilah, the passing of time has found this woman sound.

Alhamdulilah, the passing of time, through the gift of his Majesty ﷺ has left her never beguiled.

No work she seeks, no path she takes except to stay with the living

But she longs for one more chance to accompany Sibt-al-Husain ﷺ and watch the generosity of his ﷺ giving

She would offer him ﷺ the highest praise and thank him for bringing her heart back to the living

He made her work light as a feather, so she only has to thank Allah

He treated her heart in his hospital and made her a patient of Al-Mustafa ﷺ

Only Allah can repay him ﷺ and only Allah will be able

So subhanallah for the one who released the stallion from it’s stable!

Love Eternal,


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