From Rohe

Dear Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam

Assalam alaikum. It is a great pleasure to be able to write a letter to you. I’ve read a lot about your time here on the planet and the countless struggles that you’ve been through for islam that if anyone at this day in age were to go through .01% percent of it, they won’t be able to go forward and give up their message. You did it all for Allah and for your coming ummah. Your existence, You visiting the heavens and meeting Allah and other prophets, we all believe in that but we take it as if it’s some story or a fairy tale, something our moms just tells us before we go to sleep. But NO, this is not just a story, it actually happened, you were actually once present on this planet, Allah sent you here to give us a message. You went through a very rough time for us. I know you did all this for us but we take advantage of your mercy. I am very sorry that we don’t think about the sacrifices you’ve done for us. That we don’t cry a river of tears of the struggles that we took for us. That we don’t cry that you’re not on this earth with our anymore. We cry for our loved one when they die. We cry every time we miss them or their name is mentioned. So we’re sorry that we don’t cry for you every time your name is mentioned. We are very sorry. But we know you are very merciful, we know Allah loves you a lot. We know Allah listens to you. And you will ask Allah for our forgiveness. For the forgiveness of your ummah. We try to follow your steps to gain Allah’s pleasure because we know Allah loved everything you did. Your characteristics are of a person that has never crossed this earth ever after your passing. Even after 1400 years we still come together to speak about your characteristic and personality. One characteristic that stood out a lot was how forgiving and merciful you are, even when a lady threw garbage over you every day, you went to ask about her health when she missed a day of throwing garbage, when you were inviting people to islam, people were there to abuse you and harm you but you still didn’t complain and remained patient with them with the hope that one day they’ll become Muslims. I sometimes I wish I was there at the time when you were alive, to be able to see you everyday would’ve been the best thing ever , but then I am like what if I was one of those non believers, they saw you everyday, yet they weren’t believers, they rejected you. I still very happy that at least I am apart of your ummah, and even though I haven’t seen you in person, you are still present in our hearts. And inshallah one day we will meet in jannah.


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