From Sia Jingyun Erna Sharida

The way You love

I cease to be a literate

Nor am I able to expound upon

The way You give

I fail to numerate

Nor realize its vastness

Not even to an adequate degree

Unable to praise You

In a manner worthy of

Your supremacy I am a manifestation of Your attributes

I am to represent You on this Earth

But You are the epitome of Your names

In Your beloved You’ve placed

Such divine and sublime traits

And I seek to be the dust

On the sandals of the feet

Whose footsteps lead the way I seek to love

In the way he (sallallahu alayhi wassalam) treats

From those closest of kin

To those furthest from him In the way he

Whilst others slumber has seized

Whispers to You

Like a lover to his beloved

Intimate, Love Pure, in its purest state

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