From Eema Manzoor

It wasn’t love at first sight
Nor infatuation or surprise
You crept your way into my heart
One story at a time
I’m not sure when it really happened
Or how it came to be
But Rasullullah HabibAllah
You became someone I want to meet

I heard about you when I was young
About all your hardships and your trials
I was told about how your love
Was one only Allah surpasses by infinite miles

And I grew up hearing stories
About how you’d cry for me
But it wasn’t until I was older that
I understood what that really means

Was it the way you outshone the moon
In it’s humble dignity
Or was it in how you treasured Aisha (R)
Even though things were going deep
Was it because you would stand at night
Until your feet would tear and bleed
Was it in how you rose your hands
And remembered me before I came to be

It’s kinda hard to love somebody
Who in this lifetime I’ll never meet
But it’s the mercy of Allah
That in my heart you came to be

And I’m scared for the day
That you call out ummati ummati
But I look forward to the moment
You see me and we finally meet

When you passed away
Everyone cried. Umar ( R ) denied,
And Abu Bakr ( R) stood up straight

And said yes the Prophet PBUH passed away,
but Allah always thrives.

Rasullullah HabibAllah
I hope I love you more than the creation
But I hope I love The Creator more.
And so I pray for the day
I see you and say salaam face to face.
Imagine when we meet you smile and the ummah turns to Allah
And all the light in the heavens pales compared to the One before our eyes.

I send my salaam to you ya nabi
As you rest with expanse and light.
With you, the sahabah, the prophets, my loved ones,
One day in the best of gatherings,
In shaa Allah we all reunite.

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