From Nazifa Tasnia

Dear Muhammad (saw),

You have taught us who God really is, which is Allah. If you weren’t here we would be worshiping idols and if we were worshiping idols we wouldn’t be on the right path. I think you are the best prophet and you are the last and final prophet/ messenger from Allah. You are also patient to everyone. You have showed us not to kill spiders, but if there is a spider in someone’s home, we take it with a tissue or a paper towel and put it outside. You taught us not to kill spiders and we know this because of a true story that you and Abu Bakr (ra), your companion ran from your enemy’s and went to a mountain cave called Thurah and a spider blocked the entrance of the cave with a spiders web so there enemy’s will think nobody is inside of the cave. You are a special messenger from Allah.

From: Nazifa Tasnia

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