From Kristen Obarsky

Posthumous Affections: A Love Letter to the Beloved,
Concealed in a darkened night. In a cave of casted shadows. Enveloped in your garments. Your inner concentration distilling piety to its purest essence.
I am requesting of you, my highly-praised friend, appease my curiosities. I want to savor on your poignant chronicles. Divulge me in those devotions, that unfolded under those silent stone slabs. Poised on breezy vantage with supplications swirling. Emptying and cleansing of a human vessel, filled again with a sacred scripture.
Dispatched Jibreel descending, entrusted with a density of words. That angel pressured you with an urgent message. An entity conveying a concrete divine constitution upon you.
Enlightenment emerging from the lofty abode. Senses overwhelmed, overtaken. Enormity of duties lay on your shoulders, my beloved friend, you never wavered, never weakened.
Revelation, confirmation, preservation of Holy Words. Your mission complete. The invitation always stands. Resanctify our lives. Every human endeavoring, charged with a noble cause.
Representation of the Divine. Every human step is a syllable in Allah’s great poetry. Our origin is the destination. Allah. Allah is the pulse and rhythm of our lives. In quiet prayers, we can feel the cadence articulating: pushing, pressuring, opening, illuminating. Every breath and beat,
Allah is sustaining.
Fragrant, unabating, earnest salawaats emanating out. Navigating myself closer you. Patiently waiting for a visit. Could you stay for a moment or two?

With Deepest Sincerity,

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