From Hidayet Abbad

Dearest Resplendent light of the Universe,
Dearest beloved messenger of The One, dearest compass and northern star, it has been much too long. May God nourish your being and my connection to you. At last, this small sign of courage which united my pen and paper in a most honorable meeting, to address the one whose beauty is greater than all of the world’s, at las this small sign of courage manifested 2 years after our last conversation. Much has happened and much has passed but none of it without thinking of you, longing for your gaze, your company, your approval.
These days I’ve been clinging to glimpses of your presence in my life, through the sayings of those I know, who are much closer to you than I. Whenever I hear anyone speak of their visions of you, or inexplicably abundant joy because of the thousands of salawaat they bestow upon you, I run to you. A child, forgetting the countless times I’ve failed in keeping these promises and vows, I just run with high hopes – that if I start again, even if it is again, then our meeting is near. I keep wondering what it would
be like to see your face, to gaze even once upon your illuminated being. Would my heart then be cleared of its luggage, would I, then, be able to fly to you, to be in your company and escape this lowly life of senses, to be with the one who enraptures the hearts and shows them The Way to The One.
My dearest beloved prophet, no one is as beautiful as you, in your graceful and confident ways. No one is as generous as you, in your selfless and distinctive ways. No one is as kind as you, in your unique and thoughtful ways. No one is as serious as you, in your genuine and conscious ways. No one is as honest and sincere as you in your miraculous and pure ways. No one is as intelligent and wise as you, in your genius and humble ways.
No one compares to the manifestation of God’s Love to the universe, our Master, Teacher, the Guide, may God continue to nourish his perfect being and connect us to him.
This connection to you, as newborn and fragile as it may be in my current state, is my refuge, my lighthouse, and lifeboat all at once.
You are the Chosen One, the one who was prophet before prophethood, the one of excellent, most noble character and being. You are the one for whom trees and animals and hearts wept when they were separated from you. You whose birth did not even cause the slightest pain to the blessed Aminah. You whose presence in her womb was reassurance even in the midst of catastrophic events. You whose presence is abundance. You whose presence was, is and will always be abundance. You, only you, and all of you, your vast soul and its nobility – your connection to The Lord of the Worlds – everything about you can only make one sing with Joy! Sallu 3alaihi, Sallu wa sallimu 3alal Nabi.
If nothing else, I will always keep coming back even when my eyes fail to read the compass or see the northern star, I will keep coming back even when my mind makes eternity into “Just a year”, I will keep coming back to you my dearest beloved, pray for me, and all the loved ones around me – leave me not behind, let me be part of your caravan, don’t give up on me, let me be with you today and Tomorrow. May God keep nourishing your pure being, and our connection to you, your family, your companions
and loved ones.
Yours truly,
Hidayet Abbad

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