From Aliyyah Baksh

When my heart feels you
my eyes shut
then comes somewhat of an electric shock
Right in my gut
I’m really not sure what
It is but,
It is divine. 
It is without a doubt transcendental; driving me absolutely mental.

How is it possible to love someone you’ve never met? 
Not the ” I love you” that comes after talking to each other on social media for 3 days” kinda love 
but the kind that makes you question your existence 
and leaves your mind wandering the way Abd Al Muttalib wandered when he’d been instructed to dig sweet benevolence.

Learning the extent to which youﷺ loved your lady,
Lady Khadijah, May Allah be pleased with her,
A woman of great character and 15 years your senior.
Remaining faithful to her until her last breath 
and even after her death.

A man like that you can’t help but Love 
The kind of love that causes your heart to quake
The exact manner in which Uhud would shake.

No matter how much I may try
there aren’t enough words to express the love I feel. 
A love unlike any other. 
So authentic, so real.

You’ve ignited a flame within me. 
One that has guided me to love.
And now I’ve fallen in love with the One who fashioned me into skin and bone. 
The One to Whom I turn. 
The One for whom I yearn!
Like a desperate pauper searching for shelter 
Like a nursing newborn, helpless without her mother.
Hopeless no more, I’ve found the peace within my heart and my eternal lover

Oh blessed one! May peace be upon you now and forever!

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