From Shalini Ahuja

Dear Prophet of God,

Alhamdulillah for this moment. In a time when everything and everyone seem to be moving fast and constantly, alhamdulillah for being given the opportunity to just sit down and think about the most rewarding thing to ever be thought about – you, your magnificence, your beauty, your nearness to Allah, and your love for us.

Alhamdulillah, the thought that keeps coming to mind as I stare at this hungry page, is how Wise and Loving our Creator is, to have created someone like you to care and pray for each individual soul until the end of time – beyond selfless, only seeing your Dear One at all times, showing the creation how to live…how to live in love.

Alhamdulillah, Allah made it so that we may tap into true love anytime, simply through the baraka of seeing the descendants of ones who once sat with you or touched you, and even as simply as by uttering you sweet name. Subhan Allah, what a treasure to find, that when we send a prayer of reaching out to you ya Rasoolullah, we feel your prayers for us immediately, we can feel your warmth wrap around our hearts like a heated blanket.

Alhamdulillah, I do not deserve to be someone who gets to speak your name, but Allah is nourishing my spirit with you, regardless of my heedlessness. You are the proof to my mind and heart that God gives to everyone blessings that are far beyond measure. And oh Beloved of God …you gave, give and will continue to give with all that you have been given, in a way unfathomable to everyone except your Lord. Thank-you. May God continue to increase you in rank and envelope you and us all in His Love forever. Please pray for us that we may honour the Truth that came through you, that we may also give with all that we have been given, and are permitted to partake in the beautiful reunion with you, and Him, Most High.

Your granddaughter,


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