From Sumayya Zaghloul

The One Who Unified Us All

Orphaned at a very young age

The one who suffered for the sake of our fate

He never succumbed to the unbelievers,

That tortured perpetually and slayed

He sacrificed so much for Mankind,

And protected them from powerful oppressors countless times

He ruled with justice and equality,

And always handled problems with kindness and a positive mentality

He answered to the pleading ones with the utmost patience,

And visited those who were struck ill, even if they regarded him with hatred

He was their salvation and their comfort

And into the sacred cause, he put much effort

Therefore, we should strive to follow in his footsteps

For he left an enormous void after his death,

And claimed a special place in our hearts

He lit and paved a path of guidance for the next generations,

He was God’s flawless creation,

None other than,

The Beloved Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.),

Also known as Habib Allah.

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