From Ruwayna Ghanem

Assalamu alayka ya Sayiddi, ya Rassul Allah,

wa sal’Allahu alayka wa ‘ala alika wa sahbika wa salam.

Ya Rassul Allah, Master of good habits, and great intentions, guide us! 

We thank you for transmitting a Complete Blueprint of the Art of Living, a compendium of good habits to adopt, one by one, till our last breath comes and goes and we are invited to meet our Lord. 

We ask you, to ask God, for husn al-khatimma, ya Rassul Allah.

We thank Allah for gifting us the tawfeeq to establish some of those habits. We pray He keeps our intentions pure and sincere, and increase them in purity and sincerity. We pray He does not test us with the removal of those habits, except to bring them swiftly back to us with much higher intentions. 

But most of all, we pray that you pray these prayers on our behalf, ya Rassul Allah.

We ask Allah forgiveness for our laziness and failures. And thank Him for blocking what must be blocked. And pray He opens what must be opened in order for us to travel this path to Him, in your footsteps, dear Guide. Dear Ever-Shining, Star. 

May you ask forgiveness on our behalf, ya Rassul Allah. 

We ask you, dear Prophet, to intercede for us and ask that God grant us the gift of living and breathing salawat. May you receive those salawat as gifts, dear Prophet, and send them back to us, far more generously, as you always do. May God elevate you, and increase your Light, your Love and your Concern for us.

May you continue to ask the best for your self, and for us, ya Rassul Allah.

Ya Rassul Allah, we ask you, to ask God, to walk for us. We ask you, to ask Him, for our best selves from Him. And that none of us leaves this world before we love you more than anything, ya Rassul Allah. 

May we be part of your great project, ya Rassul Allah.

Ya Rassul Allah, we ask you, to ask God, for us to be your friends, your companions and your family, in this life and the next. We ask you, to ask God, for peace, love, sincerity, concern, generosity, commitment, great character, good habits, and greater intentions.

And to whom would Allah lend an ear more closely than his most Beloved? 

Sal’Allahu alayka, ya Sayiddi ya Rassul Allah!

And finally, humbly, we ask God to accept from us, a prayer for you, ya Rassul Allah.

Jaza-Allahu ‘ana sayiddina Mohammadan khayra, sal Allahu allayhi wa alihhi wa sahbihi wa salam ma huwwa a’luh.

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