From Ray Lacina

Your traces lay like phosphorus
On the wreckage of this room.
If only I lift my eyes, I can follow
If only I could lift my eyes, I could follow them
To you
And winter cool would sooth, not burn
And the room’s dim would sooth,
Not drift down all around like ash, burning.
If I could lift my eyes and follow
The light limned traces
Lift into the dim
Lift into the current
See you there above, leading the way, then rising
Waving for me to follow, then rising
Where I can’t go.
And when you see I’ve stopped,
You’d come back for me.
Assalaamu Alaikum ayuha anNabi
And what you brought, dear Messenger
wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
When you, Beloved, left the presence of the Beloved,
Unlettered Prophet
Is the light that limns
Assalaamu alayna wa ala ebad ilaahi-ssalihin
The warmth in this winter
You, Beloved
are the path up out of this dim.

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