From Putri Riana Dewi

Dear my beloved Prophet Muhammad…may the blessings
and peace of Allah be upon You.
The one who got “Mudzamman” from Abu Lahab, but Allah
Subhanahu wa Ta’ala reversed it with a blessed name
I never see you directly but I longs you so much. How could I
describe a longs with someone whom I never met before. We
separated about 1.400 years but I feel that you are very
close. I believe that your soul still alive in this dunya.
You are the one who really wants and fights for ummah going
closer to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. Worshipping to Allah
Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and none to others. Your guidance and
prayers help ummah to stay on the straight path. How could I
say thanks to you? What should I do to proof my love for
you? I love you more than my self.
What if that someday I could see or even meet You? I could
not imagine! Seeing a great supreme man ever! The only one
who has a title “Allah’s Beloved One”. Maybe I could just
kneel and bow or maybe I might die to see how dazzle and
beautiful you are!
I could not imagine how could it be!
But I do hope I could!
I hope…My Beloved

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