From Nur Rosyiidah Binte Md Norr

Ya Rasulullah
I was just glancing towards a picture of your blessed mosque
To remind me of the kind of blessing that you are
As I made selawat upon you

My tears, they are hard to fall
But when they do as I remember you
I thank Allah and Him only
For it is a generous blessing I only want to be increased

You are a man unlike any other man
You whose words little yet convey the deepest of meanings
A portion of Mercy from Allah I cannot yet comprehend
And how I wish I could see your blessed face

You came with a message and you delivered
You loved, you lead, you fought, you are the best example of mankind

As much as I’ve yet to love you more than anyone else in this world
Even though I am still crawling in the pursuit of following your sunnah
Even though I am far from close to emulating your honorable manners, characteristics, and love
Even though I don’t remember you as much as you remember me, and us all-your ummah
Even though the amount of selawats I do is still meager

Yet as of now one thing I do know
Is that I love you and I miss you

Saying these bears a heavy responsibility by itself
Yet it is the only thing that I can rely on to be that which saves me
For we will be with the one whom we love
And I pray for

Blessings and salutations be upon you as much as you deserve
That Allah SWT guide me in following you to the best of my ability,
In following your beloved daughter Sayyidatina Fatimah Azzahra, the one most beloved to you
and the one who resembles you most closely
And that He increases me in love for you
and admit me in Allah’s Jannah to be with you

With every tear, every selawat, every passing breath and day
As well as with this letter, that these seeds of love that I sow will bear fruits of success – to truly
say, that you are- my Beloved.

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