From Farah El-Jayyousi

Dear Beloved Prophet,
May peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.
I write to you today on the eve of Jumu’a hoping that these few, simple words may reach you. I wish that you were here today. That I could speak to you directly. That I might ask your advice on how to address the many problems facing our ummah and the world at large. How do we heal so many broken hearts? How do we bring our communities together? How do we rebuild trust? How do we fix the corruption that has overwhelmed our hearts and overflowed to the land and sea?
I seek your blessed wisdom on the seemingly minute issues in my own life. I long for the ability to sit with you and soak in your sacred knowledge. How do I lead when I am the farthest thing from a perfect Muslim? How do I share what little knowledge of you that I do have? How do I know if Allah, in His infinite wisdom, is testing me in something or if He is turning me away from something that is not for me?
I wish you were here to clarify those matters and ahadeeth that have at times torn our communities apart. I wish you were here to clear the doubts in the hearts of those of us who have been told falsehoods about you and about this beautiful deen.
I have so many questions for you and I hope that one day I might meet you and you might answer them yourself. How did you deal with sadness? With betrayal? With all the abuse you faced ya rasulallah? How can we hope to share your message when we cannot cope with even a fraction of the abuse you were dealt?
My heart grieves that I will not have the privilege of meeting you in this life. That I will not hear you speak the answers to these questions in this dunya. A glimmer of hope remains in my heart that Al Adl will nevertheless guide us to what is most just. That Al Jabbar will mend our hearts as if they were never broken. That the Knower of All Things will grant us the knowledge we need at the most perfect of times. So thank you, ya rasulallah, for bringing us this great message and comforting knowledge of our Lord, Most Merciful.
With peace,
A sincere follower hoping to one day meet you in jannah

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