From Anne Atkins-Bostic

A blade of grass gently swaying in the breeze,
a delicate frond of fern reaching out from between the moss-covered banks of a stream,
the sound of the wind rustling the majestic trees towering amongst the canopy,
the perfectly designed body of a woodland ant patrolling its territory.
i am surrounded by His Signs
yet i feel far from Him.
But you were there to teach me
To bring Him close to me.
Now, as I revel in the fragrance of wild Hawthorn blossoms
and the enchanted call of an unknown bird,
i am chilled by a breeze;
a call from you:
remember Him;
submit to Him.
Flutter against the distractions of this life,
abandon the constant struggles and desires within,
trust His Plan.
As i lift my head up to the sky,
i think of you.
May i strive to be like you
be like the moon…
absorbing and reflecting
His Light.
Thank you for teaching me, ya habibi

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