From Zia Khan

Dear Rasulallahﷺ, السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Nothing I can say will even come close to describing the magnitude of your compassion, kindness, and greatness. Whenever someone called you hateful things you returned with only kind words. You never raised your voice or said hurtful words. I wish that I could emulate every aspect of your life, as it is the most perfect a person’s life can be. Your life sets an example for everyone and I thank you for teaching us how to be the best person we can be. I wish that I could even express a fraction of your kindness to others. I pray that I can be as altruistic and generous as you; you would give away whatever you had, even when you had nothing to give you would still do whatever you could to help someone. I pray that I can be as magnanimous as you, without giving into my anger. You are the most charitable and amiable person who ever lived and I hope, Inshallah, I can meet you in Jannah.

2nd Place Winner Fatimah Gomez

Where Love Is Found
A Poem to the Prophetصلى الله عليه وسلمby Fatimah Gomez

Where it steeps from my heart the longer you’re near me
Where your presence is louder than the yellow sun collapsing
Where the pulse on my throat races against its own mortality
Searching for the true faith I need from you
Where these ungrateful limbs of mine weep with endless sins
Where you give me the clearest water to cleanse my soul within
Where the clarity on this path of golden light starts to begin

I clutch your promise to my chest true
Where ten thousand lies dance around
Where life’s lines are blurring, never ever sound
Where my ego’s long trailing cape is stripped, no longer gowned
Because humility and shame at this point are long due
Where times become blurred with confusion and pain
Where the struggles of this world are enough to drive me insane
Where this candle of hope suddenly bursts into flames
And I imagine how you fell down hardships, too
Where I trip and nearly devolve deep down in desperate despair
Where life leads me down traps I enter, completely unaware
Where mocking whispers enter my heart in a confused nightmare
I call out frightened, but knowing that like you, I’ll find my way out soon

Where sweetness shrouds my body and paves my nights
Where I beg you to take my hand, not to leave from my sight
Where I press my fingers to your pulse as I’m overcome with plights
Knowing that your firm faith will eventually carry me through
Where the chant of praise stirs within my heart, penetrates my soul
Where it forms this spirit of mine completely whole
Where this heart is purified from its cloaked state of coal
I realize that pain in this life was something I never knew
Where the gentle rhythm of your heart revives mine from the dead
Where I place my foot ever so carefully upon the path that you tread
Where the soothing praise through my entire body begins to finally spread

And the light of your presence shines through
Where your golden light strikes my vision suddenly blind
Where I was of ered the distant mirages of this world but politely declined
Where the rope of your mercy I finally could grip and find
Suddenly, I want to see only the light emitting from you
Where this heart of mine aches sorrowfully with painful cries
Where tears spring into these watering eyes of mine
When I wish that I were alive at that time
Just to have a brief glimpse of you

Where your gentleness sweeps away the layers of dust of my heart
Where my tears of shameful cries are flowing from the start
Where realization strikes me that along this journey, we will never part

Because my Belovedصلى الله عليه وسلم,
I need you.

From Rashdan Ahsan

Asalaam-u-aliakum Ya-Rasool-Allah.


I am 13 years old, I live in Mississauga with my mother and two sisters. Last month when I came to visit my father I saw a movie based on your childhood. It was really interesting to see how you were the chosen one by Allah (SWT). I have asked for a lot of things from Allah (SWT) and he has granted some of those to me Alhumdulillah. For example when my father promised me that he will buy me a Nintendo Switch I prayed that Allah (SWT) grants me that wish. I had a Nintendo Switch but my Baba broke it. He didn’t mean to but we sometimes do things we do not mean to do. It is also okay when I don’t get everything I want because not even all the prophets got what they wanted. Noah (AS) could not save his son and Ibrahim (AS) could not make the Pharaoh stop thinking that he was God. I wish I could study hard and got good marks in all my subjects. I know it would make my Baba happy.

In my time off I like to draw in my diary. I drew this sunrise for you. This is from the movie I saw. The sun represents you and the mountains symbolize the difficulty you had. My all time favorite Dua is for every one to be happy. I want to know, how does it feel to be the chosen one from Allah (SWT) himself. I know for sure if I was the chosen one I would feel closer to Allah (SWT) than I ever did. I am glad Allah (SWT) chose you because no one deserved that place more than you. You heard even the cry of a tree, a bird or a baby left to die. Now that you are with Allah (SWT) do you feel much closer to him? I wish I knew how that felt like. I give my Salaam to you Ya-Rasool-Allah.

Your brother in Islam

Rashdan Ahsan

From Fatima Zubair

May peace and blessings be upon you my beloved..

Ya Rasulallah I am patiently waiting for visiting you. Either in the blessed land of the madinah or at least in my dream. My heart yearns for you. I pray for your companionship. If not in this world then come to see me on qiyamah.. save me from myself that day. Come to me when I’ll be taking my last breaths. Come to me when they will be lowering me to dust. Be with me when my heart would tremble in fear of the angels. And be with me every second of infinity… My heart aches for you ya rasul Allah. Please take me with you in Jannah. Come my beloved. When I hear your name something within enlightens so brightly. Come oh distributer of mercy and let me feel alive once again.. Come my beloved for I have made my life challenging to me. Come and save me today in this world and then in the hereafter.. I miss you alot sometimes. Please call me near you sooner than soon.

From Shifa Saltagi Safadi

To my dearly beloved Prophet
Peace be upon you!
I can almost hear the angels

as they say it back
And I feel the peace

flowing into my heart.

No matter where I am

when I send my salaam

I know it will reach you

And you will send peace to me too

Oh my beloved

On mount Uhud you stood

And as it shook

You called out to it

To be firm

Oh, to be the ground beneath you

That kisses your feet

Oh blessed mountain

Oh blessed ground

Oh my beloved,

A mercy to all

A mercy to the camel

Whose tears overflowed

At the cruelty of its owner

And was embraced by you

Oh fortunate camel

to have been touched

by your blessed hands

Oh my beloved
I am jealous of that tree
The one that cried 
yearning for your closeness

And was cradled by you

A special tree

A blessed tree
A lucky tree

Even the mountains and the trees

sent their salaam to you
Now people are worse
Worse than the hardest stones
Their hearts closed off
Days pass with no mention
of your blessed name 
Escaping their lips

Oh my Beloved
We surely are not worthy
But we deeply wish
To be among those
For whom you plead for.

On the day in which

all the Prophets are begged

But only you oblige

And go to your Lord

In prostration

And ask

And save!

Please oh Allah!!

Let me be among those saved

Let me be among those rescued

Let me be among those who enter

the Eternal Gardens

of which no eye has seen

And no human has touched

Will I make it?

On the day we are raised

Like zombies, from the dead.
When some will wish they were dust…

Will the good outweigh the bad?
Will my book fly towards me

and land in the right hand…

or will my mistakes surprise me?

Tears overflow in my eyes
I am not worthy
And yet

I think
of those prayers you made:
“Ummati, Ummati!”

Oh My beloved, 
With the face that shined
Brighter than the moon
The shoulders that carried

the prophetic seal  
The heart that was opened
And washed
Until there was not even a speck 
Of black

Oh my beloved,
We are lost without you
How did the world not collapse
The day you died
How did it continue

To spin on its axis
How does the sun rise and fall
How do the stars still twinkle
And the clouds not cry
Constant tears of rain

The world sure feels darker
Without you

Oh my beloved

Love for Allah first!

And then you
More dear than anything 
More dear than my parents 
More dear than my husband
More dear than my children
More dear than myself

Peace be upon you
And peace on your Ummah
And peace to the world

And peace back to me

From Samar Malik

Assalamu Alaykum!

Ya Rasul Allah

May peace and blessings descend upon thee

I am one of your followers,

one of your ummati.

I always wonder whether you know of me?

May peace and blessings descend upon thee.

Rumi says, “ What you seek is seeking you”

How I always wonder…If this is true?

Am I lucky enough to earn the love of you?

In God’s beautiful Plan, am I chosen to be from you?

I cannot perceive or understand how?

How has He blessed this honor to me

He made me a believer

though I have not seen you.

How could this be true?

Your Beloved Abu Talib was allowed to gaze upon thee

Yet he did not have the status of following thee.

But how has God honored me?

I am nobody, merely a being wrapped in awe of thee

I have sins like the foam upon the sea

Yet I long to see your gaze upon me

But how could this be?

You said “you will be with the one you love”

That is the only hope I see

Ya Rasul Allah May peace and blessings descend upon thee

I cannot get over this place you reserved for me

To be called a follower, from your ummati

Ya Rasul Allah

May peace be upon thee

Will you recognize me?

The only hope I have for me

Is my loving salawat upon thee

May peace and eternal blessings be upon thee

I hope to see your face shine upon me

Hoping in a dream or in reality

From Atiqah Nik Ghazali

Dear Habibullah,

It is 22nd January 2019 now. It has been 1,387 years after you were gone. Too many things happened, too many history events have been skewed. Humanity is robbed by the need to survive, so we care less and less to mother nature and even to our own spirituality. Religion is being mocked, tolerance is being confused with polytheism, supremacists reign king and Islam is being sold by fashionistas, jihadist & entertainers. 

Hijab is no longer our tawhid manifestation towards The One. Now, it is billion dollar worth of commercial items traded in the name of religion, but little it does to represent high adab and show how good Islam is. In some countries, hijab is patriarchy force in pushing the limit of men power control on women & in others, hijab is a sign of oppression when actually it liberates us from malign standard of physical forms. Why am I telling you all this about hijab? Just imagine, ya Rasulullah, if one component of Islam has been in gruelling fitna of the world, what about the other elements?

When I was a kid, my parents planted a seed in me, nurturing me to be a muslimah. One of their advice, “You are a Muslim first. Do go and break the glass ceiling of how they perceive a Muslim woman should be.” After 30 years, I am completely burn-out. I do not have the strength & courage of your beloved saidatina Khadijah RA, neither I have sabr & loyalty as your daughter saidatina Fatima RA or the grit & resilience of saidatina Sumayyah RA. 

In order for me to shatter the standard of the world perspective, I have actually injected and transfused my birth core foundation with the extreme feminist value of what women should be in western world point-of-view, to be more like Gerturde Bell, Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton. I took in what was perceived as what a woman should be in this 21st century. The lies bred in me so deep, I became lunatic for nearly a decade. The world made a monstress out of me…

Why we have to do all this, ya Rasulullah? Why? Do they give us contentment, bliss & peace of mind? No. This isn’t Islam, or even humane.

After reading and studying hundreds of books, after months of soul rihla, alhamdulillah I am good again. Now I am in mission to educate and assist sisters and kids. Now I am in mission to show that it is alright to be a woman who only want to nurture because we lack of love and compassion.

May I live as the meaning of my name given by my parents. May we one day meet ya Rasulullah SAW because I miss you and Khadijah RA very much, though I know I will be looking at you from far, far away as how can a pair of sinned eyes, gaze at a beauty of Allah’s best creation…

Your follower,

Atiqah Nik Ghazali

From Anonymous

The first time I truly came to you I was broken

So broken it was hard to function

one who loves you dearly told me that I have to give my burden to you Regular hearts can carry finite pain

But your blessed heart

Full of love of the Most-Loving

Could defy the rules that govern regular mortals


Asking for an increase in your rank and stature

Focusing less on me

Less on what I struggle to bear

and asking

the One without beginning or end to bless the Blessed one

To praise the oft-praised

To elevate the elevated

As I repeat any of the numerous formulas for connecting with the gift of gifts.

Focus changes




Heaviness lifts

And now when I seek ease

Seek assistance

Seek a path

I repeat the blessed prayers

Blessed words that take the focus of me and the chaos around and remind me

Center me

Help me see and feel the ease that is always there

As if the ease waits for me to remember to seek it

Thanks to the Lord of the multiverse, the one who gives endlessly

Who has given us a way out of every difficulty

And a shortcut too

The generous King of kings

Lord of lords

Who invites us to join in in His elevation of His beloved

Who shares his most beloved with us

Access is just a few words away

Words that lead to a shift in state

A shift in circumstances

I thank Him for you.

From Alaa Nagah

Dear Prophet Muhammed,

I am sitting at the airport crying at the thought you reading this letter. I have been out of country all day in back to back meetings and I have not prayed dhuhr and asr yet, and maghrib is approaching. I want to get up and pray but my armour of Iman is too weak against the external forces. I am tired of this world and the thought of seeing you and Our Lord is refreshing, like a glass of cold water on a parched throat. After academically studying Islam for 8 years in school, and hearing the Islamic culture both tell us that the 5 pillars of Islam is important, I was very surprised to see that despite the 5 pillars we still sucummbed to some nasty habits. Until I came across a hadith of yours that said that you were sent down to perfect character. I think we forget that as a Human Race. I think we forget that and when we remember, it becomes our hardest fight. Fightning our ego, our lust, our laziness, our gluttony, our greed, our wrath, our envy. These are the 7 enemies I wake up to everyday. I would have loved to have you around to help me. But it was not meant to be. I wish to live beside you in Paradise and for you to intervene for me. See you soon inshAllah.

I love you.


From Aizan Nur Yusoff

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh my dearest beloved Rasulullah SAW, peace and blessings be upon you, Ya Rasulullah. Today, sitting in this classroom learning about Al Mustafa, I was reminded about how much I missed you and really just want to be in your present more than anything else in this world. My heart pain from this felling and often too, my love turn into tears of longing of the joy looking at your beautiful smile.

Ya habibi, Ya Mustafa, I look to the world today and wonder if it could have turn out differently if you are still with us. Indeed you said it yourself that you would rather be with Allah on the day the angel take you back to Him. I understand ya Rasullullah. I want the same. To be with Allah and you every single day. I wish that the world could learn better about you and your beautiful akhlaq. I wish that the world could see how a loving man you are like when you let Hassan RA and Hussein RA play with you even when you were in your solah. I wish that the world could learn from you on how much love you have for all your wives specially Khadijah RA who believe in you at the time when no one did or Aishah RA, when you drink from the same spot of the cup that she drank. I wish the world could learn how you make your feet swollen by standing in long prayer just to show to Your Master that you are grateful slave of Him or when you stop asking Allah for the decrease of rakaah in solah due to your shyness of His dominion above His creation. How could someone not love you when you cried night after night begging Allah for His mercy on your ummah. You are the perfection of Allah’s creation.

Ya Al Muallim, I hope we can have a daily conversation sitting near Al-Kauthar listening to all your journey from the time you met Jibril A.S the first time to the pain of Taif and Uhud and to the joy of able to return to your homeland Mecca after being away for so long. Tell me Ya Rasulullah what is it like to travel from Masjdil Haram to Masjidil Aqsa in a speed of Buraq and meeting Allah for the first time. I hope I can listen to your mesmerizing recitation of Quran sitting with all the anbiya’, your wives, the sahabah and sahabiyah. Oh how I wish to be your neighbor in Jannah so you will be in my vicinity everyday.

Ya As Saddiq Al Amen,

You remind me that there’s always hope in this hopeless world because our trust is in the One who created it. You remind me that our enemy can finally be our best companion and rest besides us from a sincere du’a. You remind me that if only we understand that we should love others what we love for ourselves, the world could be a better place.

Y a Rasulullah, my beloved, Perhaps, we can have our race in Jannah like you race Aishah RA. Perhaps ☺

Until this day come, I will do my best to love, to serve, to be kind, to be compassion , to speak the truth, to care for the orphans, to care for my mother, to emulate your character to my best ability so people would know that you Rasulullah SAW was the best example any human can be and a mercy sent to all mankind.

From your sister who love you without seeing you but the heart see you…