From Zubeda Nathani

To my Beloved!
I have heard and read thousands of your stories Ya
RasoolAllah but  every time I hear or read, tears flow
Whether I have read it or heard it many a times
before, it still feels like I have heard it for the first
That feeling of being close to you whenever I send
peace and blessings on you, that feeling that you
hear me and sends back peace and blessings on
This sinful ummati of yours close its eyes every
night with the hope of seeing you! Nah my sins are
many, my book of deeds weigh heavy on left but Oh
Prophet of Allah you know how this ummati loves
you even though I lack in following your path but  Ya
RasoolAllah this heart aches being close to you.
Ya RasoolAllah! You are the best of creation, Allah
made you perfect! As one of your Sahabi says ‘You
have been created just as you wished”!.’ You spent
your whole life in the way of Allah, your concern
was his pleasure and never ever you missed you
ummati in your blessed dua.
Oh RasoolAllah, may my parents be sacrificed for
you, make me your beloved and on the day where
no one will be mine that is the day of Qiyamah take
me closer to you and hold my hands and take me to
Jannah .
Infinite peace and blessings of Allah be on you.
Sinful Ummati.

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