From Rachel Kallembach

January 29, 2019

I would like to open this letter properly. I’m searching in vain for a befitting way to address The Beloved and Last Prophet (SAW) in the world and thank him for the content of his character. It’s as if I’m attempting to greet the ocean; language alone will never be adequate enough to acknowledge every miraculous fish, amoeba, urchin, or anemone within it.

Will my expressions of gratitude and awe for you, Beloved Prophet (SAW), ever reach you? Only Allah (SWT) knows if they will in this life or in the hereafter or both or neither. Either way, my endless appreciation for you would not lessen.

Within this ocean of thanks–the depths of which I can’t even fathom–you, Rasoolullah (SAW), are the movements of the water. Ocean currents guide aquatic life across vast distances so they can thrive. They also carry scents through the water for animals to find nourishment. So have you helped to carry my lost soul back to its home. This is what Allah (SWT) has created in you, Rasoolullah (SAW).

Had it not been for your example in the legacy that is ever-present today, Beloved Prophet (SAW), I would not have reverted to Islam and proudly taken the shahadah into my heart. Had I not been introduced to narration after narration of your conduct and dealings, I would not be a Muslim today. You are the one who brought me to this gift. Alhamdulillah, I would not have come to the peace I have nor have exponentially bettered my life if it had not been for you and the choices you made to endure difficulties and maintain your daily life as a role model.

I would guess there’ve been billions of others–as many as there are creatures wriggling and floating in the ocean right now–who have wanted to speak to you as much as I do. Subhanallah, can you believe Allah’s (SWT) ability to orchestrate the grandeur of that? He can create any human being he wishes and I am grateful for the existence of them all of course (for they all play a role). However, the mercy of his creation in you, as well as all prophets (peace be upon you and them all), has sailed us across our ocean of fitnah.

Certainly if you, Beloved Prophet (SAW), could have endured all that incredible ridicule and burden, then I can be one of the patient in my little niche in life. Certainly I can keep my purpose in mind and my heart with Allah (SWT) during my routine, my responsibilities, my career, and my loneliness.

Sincerely A Grateful Member of Your Umma,

Rachel Kallembach

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